How To Buy Affordable Jewelry

Are you still looking for the perfect luxury gift for your significant other or for yourself? If you are going for the wow factor, why not consider luxury jewelry? A timeless gift that perfectly embodies your love for your partner, high-end jewelry also gives them a stunning addition to their wardrobe. But where to start and how to buy affordable jewelry?

Where To Buy Affordable Jewelry

The reality is that even if this is your first time buying luxury jewelry, it does not need to be intimidating. Keep reading and we will guide you through finding the perfect piece of jewelry that will make this holiday extra special for you and your significant other.

How To Buy Affordable Jewelry?

  1. Where to buy affordable jewelry
  2. Understand the jewelry basics
  3. For your partner: Determine their style
  4. For your partner: Get opinions from their friends and family
  5. For your partner: Look for clues
  6. Shop by style

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Where To Buy Affordable Jewelry?

The best way to shop affordable jewelry is to shop pre-owned. At myGemma, shop pre-owned, expertly authenticated affordable jewelry at up to 80% off retail. From Cartier Love bracelets to Tiffany engagement rings, browse a wide of range designer jewelry brands and affordable fine jewelry online.

Understand The Jewelry Basics

If buying luxury jewelry is unfamiliar territory for you, take the time to learn the various metals, karat weights and gemstones available.

Popular Metals

  • Gold: yellow, rose, white
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Sterling Silver

Karat Weight: A Measure Of Metal Purity

  • 14 karat: 58% gold
  • 18 karat: 75% gold
  • 22 karat: 91% gold
  • 24 karat: 100% gold

The higher the karat weight, the purer and softer the gold. While 24 karat gold is worth more than lower karat, it is in fact unsuitable for jewelry as it is too soft.

Diamond And Gemstone Basics

Gemstones are available in a wide range of colors, with the most popular being diamonds for their timeless elegance and sparkle. Before buying a diamond, make sure that you understand the basics of diamond characteristics. These include:

  • Color Grade – Refers to the color, or lack thereof, that the diamond shows. Color grades range from D-Z, with D being colorless and Z a light yellow.
  • Carat Weight – Indicates how heavy the diamond is. A single carat is about 0.02g.
  • Clarity Grade – Refers to the presence, or lack thereof, of imperfections in the stone.
  • Cut Grade – Indicates the cut quality and proportions of the diamond. Look for diamonds with a centered culet and parallel sides.

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Determine Their Style

Give your girlfriend/fiancé/wife something with sentimental value rather than something seemingly purchased on a whim. To buy something your significant other will love, you will need to determine their style.

Consider what your partner wears frequently and what rarely makes it out of their jewelry box: gold hoops, diamond necklace, charm bracelet? Do they often wear rose gold and never platinum?

Have you never seen them wear a cocktail ring or signet ring? Does your partner prefer subtle stud earrings or bold, statement earrings? Do they like stacking rings and layered necklaces?

Are there certain pieces of jewelry that they always wear and you will need to find something that will coordinate with them? These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself before you start shopping and considering price tag.

Get Opinions From Their Friends And Family

To help you find the perfect piece of luxury jewelry for your significant other, ask people who know them best. Whether it is their family members or closest friends, they are certain to be able to help guide you with getting your partner jewelry that they will love. Just make sure that whoever you ask does not accidentally tell your partner about the gift and spoil the surprise.

If your significant other has bought luxury jewelry on their own you can meet with their jeweler. The jeweler will likely know your partners taste in jewelry based on their past purchases and discussions and can help determine what jewelry they would love to receive. With their industry knowledge, they can make great recommendations.

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Look For Clues

If you are still unsure what luxury jewelry to buy your partner you can subtly ask them what they like. Start by asking your significant other if they use Pinterest. Many people use Pinterest as a wish list or as a source of inspiration. This way you might be able to discover their favorite brands and styles.

You can also ask if there is a particular brand or series they like. If you go window shopping with your partner, take notice of any stores or pieces that catch their interest.

Shop By Jewelry Style

Knowing your partner’s style is the first step in finding the perfect piece of luxury jewelry for them. Check out our suggestions that will perfectly fit your partner’s style.

Chic: fashionable diamond bangle set

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If your partner is chic then they dress in sleek and clean outfits paired with a bold statement accessory. Surprise them with this fashionable diamond bangle set comes in 14kt three-tone gold. The round diamonds with a carat total weight of 5.72 that adorn each bangle add a brilliant touch of glamour that their wearer is sure to love.

Minimalist: 4 prong basket diamond studs

how to buy jewelry for your significant other

Does your significant other prefer a clean, discrete style that isn’t influenced by passing trends? Then the minimalist style is for them. Gift your partner a delicate piece of jewelry that can be worn at any occasion. A classic pair of 4 prong basket diamond studs might be their next favorite accessory.

Classic: three diamond cluster pedant

how to buy jewelry for your significant other

If your girlfriend/fiancé/wife loves the classic style, their wardrobe is filled with clean and flattering pieces. Wearers of this style do not hesitate when it comes to buying pricey clothing or accessories that they know will last a long time. Surprise your partner this three diamond cluster pendant. This necklace features a total of 1.50ct of brilliant round diamonds and a 14kt white gold chain, easily coordinating with any outfit.

Trendy: rose gold infinity hinge bangle

how to buy jewelry for your significant other

Is your significant other a fashionista that always stays up to date with the latest fashion trends? This 18kt rose gold infinity hinge bangle is the perfectly on point and is sure to please. The rose gold trend is stronger than ever and its infinity design symbolizes your lasting relationship. The 2.37 carats of round diamonds that adorn the bangle effortlessly enhance its glamour.

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