Top 6 Winter Jewelry Trends

    As summer comes to an end and we move towards colder months, the top winter jewelry trends are starting to be unveiled.

    Top 6 Winter Jewelry Trends



    As summer comes to an end and we move towards colder months, the top winter jewelry trends are starting to be unveiled. The trends that are being established from designers’ show that the variety for winter is broad, yet still focused on two categories: bold and/or intricate. One thing is for sure, more is more when it comes to styling jewelry over the upcoming months.


    Top 6 Winter Jewelry Trends In 2021 Are:

    1. Animal motifs
    2. Layering
    3. Floral
    4. XL earrings
    5. Sculptural style
    6. Bold branding


      1. Animal motifs

      Who does it best? Cartier
      Where does it come from? Kicking off our top 6 winter jewelry trends are animal motifs. Our infatuation with animals is never-ending. And what different creatures have evolved to symbolize makes them perfect motifs for fashion and jewelry. Cartier is renowned for its use of the panther, which has been tied to the brand since the 1940s. The use of panther motifs dates back to when panther fur was considered extremely decadent and extravagant, which in turn has made the panther a symbol of luxury. To this day, Cartier continues to champion the panther in their branding and jewelry designs.


       2. Layering

      Who does it best? Bulgari
      Where does it come from? 1920s flappers would layer their necklaces of varying lengths for a highly embellished décolletage. Focusing on glass beads and pearls, the look would more often than not be framed by short hairdos. In more recent times, layered necklaces and stacks of rings or bracelets is more representative of an eclectic style. Layering jewelry can be fashioned to a bohemian style as well as lavish displays, depending on what type of jewelry is being worn. The layering trend is ideal for stacking varying sizes, shapes and hues for a personalized look.


      3. Floral

      Who does it best? Van Cleef & Arpels
      Where does it come from? Observing and admiring the beauty that surrounds us everyday makes it no wonder that floral motifs have always featured heavily in jewelry design. Flowers were particularly common during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Due to the fact that flowers have often been symbolic and have been assigned romantic meaning, lovers would gift each other floral embellished jewlery. Floral jewelry often has a feminine or ethereal quality, one that is heavily championed by Van Cleef & Arpels. While floral jewelry might not be an obvious fit for winter, it certainly is featuring in 2018’s winter jewelry trends. 


       4. XL earrings

      Who does it best? Roberto Coin
      Where does it come from? Oversized earrings were particularly prominent during the 1960s, however the style that we will see returning towards the end of 2018 is more reminiscent of 1980s style. Winter will see long earrings coming back into vogue, particularly heavily adorned versions.


       5. Sculptural styles

      Who does it best? David Yurman
      Where does it come from? As fashion, jewelry and the arts feed off of one another, it is no surprise that we see correlations between the different areas. Sculptural elements are prevalent in design in general, whether it be clothing or jewels, as we are inspired by what surrounds us – everything from flowers to modern buildings. David Yurman is particularly notable within the realm of sculptural jewelry, especially thanks to the beloved cable designs that have become iconic in their own right. 


      6. Bold branding

      Who does it best? Tiffany
      Where does it come from? A particularly strong component of 1980s and 1990s style, bold branding is an assertion of a sense of self. Displaying bold branding puts the wearer in line with particular brands and what they represent. Tiffany’s Return to Tiffany collection features twists on classics as a proclamation of their heritage and their future.


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