Where To Sell Rolex Watches In Canada

Looking to sell a Rolex watch in Canada? Whether you live in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada, for many people, selling their Rolex watches on the secondhand market is a completely new process. Naturally, you want to ensure that you are only working with honest, reputable and competitive buyers. To make the selling process as seamless as possible, we’ll show you where to sell Rolex watches in Canada and just how you can get the best price for your watch.

Sell Rolex Watches In Canada

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Where To Sell Rolex Watches In Canada?

You have multiple choices when deciding where to sell Rolex watches in Canada:


When you’re looking to sell your Rolex watch as quickly as possible, you might have considered a pawnshop. Pawnshops are known for being a fast way to get cash on the spot, but you usually are not leaving with the best price. Many pawnshops do not employ watch experts who can accurately value and price your Rolex on the current secondhand watch market, which means you may lose out on potential profits.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are a traditional selling option for high value items. When you bring your Rolex to an auction house, it will be reviewed by a horologist, priced and then put on auction. There is no guarantee when or if your timepiece will be bought however, which means that you could be waiting for many months. Even if your watch does eventually sell, the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings.

Online Ads

In just a few minutes you can create an online ad for your Rolex with websites like Craigslist and eBay. With your private ad you can set your ideal price and sell to a buyer of your choice. While selling on your own terms sounds tempting, you must be willing to wait months or years for serious buying offers while always staying cautious of online scammers.

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When it comes to the fastest and easiest way to sell your Rolex in Canada, myGemma can’t be beat. As leading international watch buyers, our industry connections and rich understanding of the secondhand luxury watch market allow us to provide strong cash offers for Rolex watches.

Our professional service is always free, with no hidden fees or commissions, and can take as little as 24 hours. Just complete our simple online form to receive your price quote, we then pay the shipping and insurance. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless service that has earned us an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of excellent reviews from happy customers.

How To Sell Rolex Watches In Canada

No matter where you live in Canada, you call sell your Rolex with myGemma. The selling process is easy and only takes five steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: Complete our online form with as much information about your Rolex as you can.
  2. Get a price quote: Receive a price quote from our horologists.
  3. Free shipping: We provide you with a free, fully insured shipping label to send your watch to us. This ensures that your Rolex watch will be protected, fully insured, and trackable. When your watch arrives at our office, we then notify you of its safe arrival.
  4. Receive our offer: You will then be contacted you with our final offer.
  5. Get paid: You can accept your offer and receive payment by bank transfer. Or you may request to have your Rolex returned to you through the same free and safe mailing service. There is never any obligation to sell.

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How To Get The Best Price For Your Rolex?

Model: Be sure that you know your Rolex’s model number when beginning the selling process.

Serial Number: The serial number is also important information for potential buyers as this enables them to verify your watch’s make and authenticity. You can find your Rolex’s serial number both on its paperwork and between the lugs. As the bracelet needs to be removed to see the serial number printed between the lugs, make sure to only have the bracelet removed by a professional watchmaker.

Age: The age of your watch can affect its overall value. For example, a vintage Daytona will net a different value than its modern-day counterpart.

Condition: The condition of your watch plays a big role in the overall value of your Rolex. Your offer will be lowered if your watch has:

  • Significant damages
  • Not been regularly serviced
  • Been repaired with third party components

Box and Papers: These are the box and papers that came with your Rolex when purchased. With these you can demonstrate the authenticity of your Rolex and receive a higher offer as the box and papers are desirable materials for watch collectors.

Additional materials: Be sure to include any additional links, straps, recent servicing receipts, or warranty cards.