Where To Sell An Engagement Ring?

    If you have grown tired of your ring and are ready for an upgrade or wish to part with the memories of a former relationship, you may be wondering where to sell an engagement ring. While there are lots of places where you can sell an engagement ring, how can you find the best place to sell diamond jewelry? Should you sell in person or online? Keep reading as we guide you through the best options for selling an engagement ring both in-person and online.

    Where to Sell an Engagement Ring

    where to sell engagement rings

    Who is entitled to keep the ring varies by country and state. While there are lots of places where you can sell an engagement ring, how can you find the best place to sell diamond jewelry or your wedding ring? Should you sell to local jewelers or try to sell your pieces of jewelry online? Keep reading as we guide you through the best options for selling an engagement ring.

    Where to sell an engagement ring in-person

    One option is to meet potential jewelry buyers or diamond buyers in-person. Selling your engagement ring in-person is the perfect method for those who never want the ring out of their sight. Below are the most popular options for selling your engagement ring in-person:

    Pawn shops: Pawn shops are a local option that may quickly pay you on the spot and in cash. While this sounds like a tempting offer, it’s important to understand that not all pawnbrokers have the necessary diamond knowledge to accurately price your ring. Due to this, pawnshops may provide you with a cautiously low offer.

    Auction Houses: Auction Houses have gemologists on staff who can assess the value of a diamond engagement ring. The downside is that the process can be very lengthy. In order to sell your engagement ring with an auction house, you must be willing to wait an indefinite amount of time.

    First an auction must be held, then your engagement ring must be successfully bid on during the auction, if not, you’ll need to wait for another auction which could be in several months. Not only is this a long process, but there is no guarantee that your ring will sell. However, if your engagement ring is bought then the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings.

    myGemma: At myGemma we are specialized engagement ring buyers with a professional service that’s fast, secure and always provides the best prices. Our team of GIA trained gemologists possess the necessary skills and in-depth understanding of the second-hand market to accurately assess your engagement ring’s value. You can feel confident working with us because of our international presence, A+ rating with the BBB and hundreds of positive customer reviews.

    We provide in-person appointments in New York, throughout the UK, Tokyo and in Hong Kong every Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm in our comfortable and secure offices. Appointments are typically 30 minutes long, where your ring will be thoroughly evaluated by one of our expert gemologists and priced.

    During this entire process, the engagement ring never leaves your sight. When you receive your offer, you can accept payment by cash, wire or check. There is never any obligation to sell your ring and appointments are always free.

    Click the button below to schedule your in-person appointment at one of our offices today.

    Where to sell an engagement ring online?

    The second option for where to sell an engagement ring is by working with online engagement ring buyers. When you sell your engagement ring online you have the convenience of completing the entire selling process around your schedule and from the comfort of your home. Since not everyone has the time to meet with potential buyers, have their engagement rings evaluated and priced in-person, selling online is the perfect option. Below are the most popular methods for selling your engagement ring online.

    where to sell engagement ring after divorce

    Private Ads: Thanks to websites like Facebook, eBay and Craigslist, you can quickly make a private ad for your engagement ring. With your own ad you get to set your price and sell directly to the engagement ring’s future buyer.

    However, without a rich understanding of the second-hand diamond market, pricing your ring will prove to be difficult. Also, not all buyers will feel comfortable buying an expensive item from an unfamiliar seller, especially if you do not have a history of selling high value items. There is no guarantee if or when your ring will sell, so this is not a fast and hassle free option. And finally, but most importantly, you always need to be cautious of potential scammers when selling to an individual online.

    myGemma: Sell your engagement ring in as little as 24 hours with myGemma’ safe and convenient online selling service. As an A+ BBB buyer, we provide strong prices and an easy way to sell. Our free process is made up of 5 simple steps:

    1. Complete our online form with information about your engagement ring and our experts will promptly contact you with a price quote.
    1. To receive a final offer, we provide free and fully insured overnight shipping. You can track your package every step of the way and will be notified once it arrives.
    1. When your engagement ring arrives at our office, we will notify you of its safe arrival and the ring will be opened on camera. Our gemologists will then examine your ring and assess its value in accordance with the second-hand luxury market. We take into consideration any side stones or precious metals.
    1. We will contact you with a final price for your engagement ring and thorough explanation of how we came to that price. The final price you hear is exactly how much we will pay you. With myGemma there are never any commissions or hidden fees that will deduct from your offer.
    1. You can accept payment for the engagement ring by wire or check. There is no obligation to sell and should you not accept the offer, we return your engagement ring to you for free with the same secure mailing service. Our service is free of charge whether you decide to sell or not.

    Why sell your luxury items to myGemma?

    Whether you prefer to sell your engagement ring in-person or online, myGemma is your best choice thanks to our convenient, secure and professional service where you will always receive competitive and honest offers.

    Free service: Our entire process is free of charge, no hidden fees or commissions deducted from your final offer

    Luxury Experts: As expert buyers, we buy your diamonds, designer jewelry, watches and handbags directly. This means that the entire process can take as little as 24 hours from start to finish. From Tiffany to Dior to Louis Vuitton to Chanel, we specialize in buying a wide range of luxury goods.

    Speed: Sell in as little as 24 hours, we buy your items directly. We do not list your jewelry online on your behalf and wait for a sale to occur.

    Convenience: We provide the option to sell online or in person.

    Customer Service: Our exceptional customer service is unparalleled. You will be paired with a dedicated client service representative who will work with you throughout the entire process: from your original price quote to receiving payment. We do not believe in haggling, low balling or pressuring our customers in any way.