Top 8 Balenciaga Bags 2022

The top 8 Balenciaga bags exemplify why Christian Dior called self-taught fashion house founder Cristobal Balenciaga “the master of us all.” And why designer handbag connoisseurs have fondly nicknamed the house’s bags “B Bags.”

Top Balenciaga Bags

What Are The Top Balenciaga Bags?

  1. City Bag
  2. Flat Brass First
  3. Ghost Shoulder Bag
  4. Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag
  5. Vanity XS Round Bag
  6. Sharp XS Satchel
  7. Balenciaga Bazar Shopper S Tote
  8. Ville Bag
top balenciaga bags

1. City Bag

Estimated retail: $1,800

Truly the icon of Balenciaga bags and still one of the best-sellers after a decade, the City Bag is a Balenciaga classic. In fact, it came in at Number 6 on’s 2017 list of the most popular designer handbags of all time.

With its soft body, slouchy posture, and availability in a kaleidoscope of colors, the City Bag attracts handbag connoisseurs of all ages. To paraphrase Ghostbusters, “This is how we carry bags uptown.”

  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Top zipper closure
  • Leather tassel zipper pull
  • Interior zip pocket
  • Leather-framed compact mirror
  • Hand-stitched rolled handles

Famous Fans: Paris Hilton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kendall Jenner, Julianne Moore

2. Flat Brass First

Not available at retail

Almost dismissed from production because of its “too soft” leather and “too unstructured” body, this first of the Balenciaga motorcycle bags became one of the most popular designer handbags ever and has sold for over $2,000 on the resale market. Small but perfect for essentials, the FBF was only made for three seasons, in 2001 and 2002, so acquiring one includes the thrill of the handbag chase.

  • Detachable long shoulder strap
  • Flat brass hardware
  • Rolled double handles
  • Central exterior zip pocket
  • Leather tassels
  • Matching cosmetic mirror

Famous Fans: Kate Moss

3. Ghost Shoulder Bag

Estimated retail: $1,500

Somewhat subdued considering it’s one of the top 8 Balenciaga bags, the Ghost can tote just what you need for an evening event or business function. Classically feminine with a structured leather body that can range from neutral to shiny, this 2019 newcomer seems surprisingly Balenciaga logo-less … unless you look closely for the embossed signature that gives it its ghostly name.

  • Secure front flap closure
  • Short adjustable shoulder strap
  • Card pocket
  • Interior zipper pouch

4. Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag

Estimated retail: $2,000

With a glance at the big, usually silver “B” dangling from its front flap and its unique take on a classic shape, bag mavens could tell you at a glance where this popular purse came from. The shiny versions dazzle; the more muted leather ones draw you in. And the 5th-Avenue-meets-the-7-train “Graffiti” version just makes for good fashion fun.

  • Single rolled handle
  • Adjustable detachable shoulder strap
  • Interior zip pocket
  • Magnetic closure
  • Exterior back pocket

5. Vanity XS Round Bag

Estimated retail: $1,400

If you don’t mind taking a backseat to your bag, check the Vanity XS out! Round and in oh-so-very red or eye-popping pink, this purse elicits a definite “Wow.” Also available in more sober shades. Carry it by the handle or sling it over your shoulder with the adjustable removable shoulder strap.

  • Brass hardware
  • Zip closure

6. Sharp XS Satchel

Estimated retail: $1,390

Trendy and timeless, cool and classic, all at the same time, this very chic shoulder bag carries your 24/7 essentials and a little more.

  • Matching strap and top handle
  • Front and interior pockets
  • Flat top with double “B” logo
  • Magnetic closure

7. Balenciaga Bazar Shopper S Tote

Estimated retail: $1,750

This boxy bag stirs up some controversy among Balenciaga enthusiasts. Detractors somewhat snootily complain about its resemblance to the serviceable and reusable shopping bags you can get at dollar stores, while some fans love it for the same reason — plus its beautiful leather, its heavy-duty functionality, and its left of handbag-center style. And they’re willing to pay the definitely-not-dollar-store price. There is a men’s version available, too.

  • Top handle
  • Cross-body strap
  • Comes in solids, stripes, graffiti

Famous Fans: Zoe Kravitz

8. Ville Bag

Estimated retail: $1,800

This popular roomy and curvy bag is cash-money. That is, one version has dollar bills (and an occasional $5) printed all over the outside. You can also choose a more sedate, solid-color version — or go even more downtown with the graffiti model.

  • Rolled top handle(s)
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Padlock
  • Back pocket
  • Interior pockets
  • Top zip closure

Famous fan: Hailey Baldwin Bieber

More B Bag famous fans: Hilary Duff, Emma Roberts, Alanis Morrisette, Kim Kardashian

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About Balenciaga

The word 'edgy' often comes into play when people describe the top 8 Balenciaga handbags and others from the fashion powerhouse. As well as “cool”, 'chic' and 'avant-garde'.

And “colorful” definitely applies as the Balenciaga palette ranges from bold and bright to — somewhat surprisingly — more subdued.

Balenciaga bag lingo may take some translation, so here are some bag size tips:

  • “First” equals the smallest size. Terrific for nighttime out-on-the-town adventures.
  • “City” makes for a medium purse. 1 ½ times the size of a First.
    “Work” a size up from City.
  • “Part-time” matches Work in terms of width, but only reaches half the length.
  • On the other hand, when you see the term “Giant,” it refers to a Balenciaga bag’s hardware and not to the bag Balenciaga bag itself.