How To Sell Watches Without Box And Papers

Looking to sell watches that do not have the box and papers? Find out how this affects price and how much you could get for your timepiece.

selling watches without documentation

Much like when you sell any luxury good, having the relevant paperwork will help you get the best possible price. It is always recommended that you store your watch’s box and papers in a safe place as these play a part when it comes to selling. 

However, we understand that sometimes these can be misplaced or accidentally thrown out. So, how important are the box and papers? And, how does it affect resale value?

Why Is It Beneficial To Have The Box And Papers?

Having the original box and papers to accompany your pre-owned luxury watch helps verify its authenticity. This verification allows for a quicker and easier selling process. 

The authenticity certification thus adds to the value of your luxury timepiece. It also helps the resale of the piece, as watch collectors will pay a premium for a timepiece with its original box and papers.

In order for the box and papers to add value, however, they must be in good condition and intact with legible text. If your box and papers are in poor condition, they might be rendered insignificant and may not add any value to your watch.

So, how much is a watch worth without the box and papers? It depends on the type of watch. Typically they are worth roughly 20% less on the secondhand market, but limited edition pieces are worth up to 50% less.

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Can You Sell Watches Without Box And Papers?

Absolutely. Not everybody has the box and papers, as over time they might get lost or not be in a presentable condition. At myGemma, we understand that this may be the case and we can still purchase your watch without the box and papers.

While other companies may demand them, we have the network and expertise to buy without.

It is certainly preferable to have the box and papers when selling a watch. However, it is important to remember that people wear watches, not box and papers. Therefore, having the box and papers is helpful and adds value but your watch is by no means worthless without them.

How Much Is My Watch Worth?

There are a number of factors that affect a watch’s worth:

  • Box and papers
  • Brand
  • Model
  • If it is a limited edition piece
  • Condition of the watch and if it has been regularly serviced
  • If it is a vintage or antique timepiece
  • Whether or not you still have all of the links

Simply click the button below to get a bespoke price quote for your watch.

Top tip: Include high-quality photos when selling your watch as this will help you receive an accurate initial price quote.

What To Do If You Do Not Have Any Information On Your Watch?

If you are looking to sell watches without box and papers, myGemma can help. We are able to provide you with an initial price estimate thanks to our watch buyers’ copious experience and expertise.

To receive a final price, an expert watch buyer will need to examine the watch in person in order to validate its authenticity. For this reason, myGemma offers appointments in New York and London.

We pride ourselves on offering a safe, streamlined, high-end selling experience with no costs, commissions or fees deducted from your offer. Fill out our online form to receive your initial estimate today.

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