Sell Chanel Comete Jewelry

Whether you have fallen out of love with the style or are ready to upgrade your jewelry collection, selling Chanel Comete jewelry is a fantastic way to get funds while minimizing your jewelry box.

Sell Chanel Comete Jewelry

To simplify the selling process, we have crafted a comprehensive guide to equip you with everything you need to know to sell Chanel Comete jewelry quickly, safely and for the most money.

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About Chanel Comete Jewelry

Released in 2014, Chanel’s Comete collection is based around imagery of shooting stars and constellations. Comete is an homage to the fashion house’s first jewelry collection, Bijoux de Diamants. Coco Chanel found that these celestial motifs represented women’s eternal beauty, explaining, “my love of things that glitter has inspired me to try to combine elegance and fashion through the medium of jewelry.”

Coco Chanel believed that five-pointed stars best highlighted a diamond’s radiance, a design choice present in today’s collection. Today, wearers can drape themselves glittering shooting stars and diamonds adorned constellations in Comete’s playful asymmetric designs.

Sell Chanel Comete Jewelry

What Is Chanel Comete Jewelry Worth?

The following factors affect the value of your Chanel jewelry:

  • Type of jewelry: The Comete collection includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
  • Metals: Your jewelry may have been crafted with 18k white gold or a mixture of 18k white and yellow gold.
  • Gemstones: Most Comete jewelry features pave diamonds as well as a larger center diamond. Select pieces are also adorned with pearls and black spinels. Be sure to know your jewelry’s total carat weight.
  • Condition: If your jewelry is significantly damaged its value will be lower to cover the cost of repairs. Conversely, jewelry that has been well maintained will have a higher value.
  • Box and Papers: When kept in good condition, the box and papers that came with your Comete jewelry will increase your jewelry’s overall value.

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Where To Sell Chanel Jewelry?

Now that you are ready to sell Chanel Comete jewelry, you may be wondering who to sell to. Below are some of the most popular luxury jewelry buyers:

  • Pawn Shops: A local jewelry buyer that can get you paid quickly. However, pawn shops are notorious for their low cash offers and high-pressure selling tactics. They are not a high end or discreet selling service.
  • Auction Houses: While auction houses will price your jewelry and sell Chanel Comete jewelry on your behalf, the selling process can be very slow. You can easily end up waiting months or years for your jewelry to sell and then have the auction houses fees deducted from your jewelry’s payment. Auctions are infrequently held and there is no guarantee of a sale.
  • Online Ads: There are plenty of platforms such as eBay and Craigslist where you can list your jewelry for your ideal selling price. While setting your selling price sounds perfect, the reality is that accurately pricing second-hand luxury jewelry is difficult without industry knowledge. Just like with auction houses, there is no guarantee of a sale and you can end up having to wait months or even years for someone to buy your jewelry.
  • myGemma: As leading international luxury jewelry buyers, myGemma’ high-end service makes selling your jewelry stress-free and enjoyable. We are committed to providing a free, secure and transparent process for selling jewelry both online and in person.

Unlike other jewelry buyers with slow and tedious selling processes, selling to myGemma can take as little as 24 hours.

Our experienced luxury jewelry team and dedicated client managers always work to get you the highest cash offers. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service, which coupled with our strong prices has earned us an A+ with the BBB and hundreds of excellent customer reviews.

Chanel Comete Jewelry

How To Sell Chanel Jewelry For The Most Money?

To get the most money for your Chanel Comete jewelry, myGemma is your best selling option. Our process is commitment free and you never have to spend a single penny in fees or commissions. If you do not love your offer, you can always request to have your jewelry returned for free. To get started selling to the experts, complete our online form and receive your price quote.

Getting your final offer is just as easy, whether you decide to sell in person or online:

  • Sell In Person: We host appointments in our comfortable and secure offices in New York, the UK and Hong Kong, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. During your appointment, you will meet with one of our luxury jewelry exerts who will assess and calculate a final offer. You can accept payment by cash, check or wire. There is never any obligation to sell or high pressure sales tactics.
  • Sell Online: We can provide you with a free, fully insured and trackable shipping label to securely send your jewelry to our office. After your jewelry arrives, our team will promptly evaluate and price it. Your dedicated client manager will contact you with our final offer which you can accept by check or wire. However, you can always request to have your jewelry returned to you for free the following business day.

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