Sell Diamond Rings In NYC

Looking to sell diamond rings in NYC? As a leading A+ BBB rated buyer, we buy diamond rings, jewelry and watches outright, thereby cutting out the middle man and making for a fast and easy sale. Sell diamond rings in NYC for the best prices with no hidden fees, costs or commissions deducted.

sell diamonds in NYC

At myGemma, our service is discreet: choose to sell online or schedule an appointment at our modern and secure 5th Avenue valuation center in Midtown Manhattan. Located just outside of the Diamond District, we pride ourselves on offering a high-end selling experience with no high pressure sales tactics.

Click the button below to get your price quote and sell diamonds in NYC. Have any questions? Call us on 646-569-3655. Our GIA trained gemologists are happy to help.

where to sell diamond rings in NYC

Where To Sell Diamond Rings In NYC?

There are many options for selling diamond rings in New York, from pawnbrokers to private adverts to auctions. So why sell to us?

myGemma was created in 2012 by industry veterans as an alternative to traditional diamond ring buyers. With many buyers offering a slow process with no guarantee of a sale and fees deducted. Or a fast sale for a low price and low-end experience. Having recognized the pitfalls and frustrations of the existing services, myGemma differs by focusing on the following:

  • Professional: The experience of selling diamonds and diamond jewelry with myGemma is VERY different to the experience in New York's Diamond District. It's a personal, comfortable, and modern experience with no high pressure selling. We are A+ BBB accredited professional diamond buyers in New York with hundreds of customer reviews. We provide a trustworthy and reputable service with honest price quotes and a transparent service.
  • Competitive Prices: As international jewelry and watch buyers, our industry connections and global scale allow us to make strong offers. You can rest assured that we always make our best offer outright to our customers to avoid haggling. The exact price we give you is the amount you will receive as there are no fees deducted.
  • Diamond Experts: Our team of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained gemologists can meet with you in person, examine your diamond and provide a final price. Diamond grading is complex and requires specialist knowledge as well a thorough understand of the second-hand diamond market. Selling to non specialist diamond buyers will result in low, cautious offers.
  • Safe: Many customers search the internet using terms such as 'Sell Diamond Ring NYC' and come up with a variety of results, some reputable and some not. We believe we provide one of the most comfortable experiences in New York:
    • With hundreds of online reviews from happy customers who have their luxury items to us, you can feel sure that you are working with a trustworthy and reputable diamond buyer.
    • Our secure offices are located away from the hustle and bustle of the Diamond District and your diamond is not only on camera throughout our office but it will also never leave your sight during an appointment without your consent.
  • Free: Our entire service is entirely free of charge. We provide honest online price quotes and our final offers have no hidden fees or commissions deducted.
  • Fast: Sell in person in as little as 30 minutes, or online in as little as 24 hours. We buy diamond rings outright, cutting out the middle man and speeding up the entire process.

Sell diamonds rings in NYC directly at our Manhattan valuation center or online. Simply schedule an appointment with our expert valuation team to get a final price for your diamonds, luxury jewelry, bags or watches.

Where To Find myGemma

Located in modern offices on 535 5th Avenue close to Times Square, schedule your appointment to sell diamond rings in NYC today. We are located a few blocks away from the Diamond District, an area of New York City located on West 47th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan, and within walking distance of many New York attractions.

Our New York City offices are state of the art and include facilities for diamond selling. We have modern, comfortable valuation rooms and our expert gemologists are waiting to greet you. We are a smart, forward thinking company and have invested heavily in our valuation center.

How To Sell Diamond Rings In NYC For The Most Money?

  • Work with a reputable diamond buyer: Choose a buyer with a good reputation. Look at the number and quality of reviews online reviews and their Better Business Bureau rating. It pays to do your homework and thoroughly research potential buyers. Not all diamonds buyers treat their customers the same way or follow the same standards of business conduct.
  • Work with diamond experts. GIA trained gemologists are best qualified to accurately evaluate your diamond jewelry.
  • Know the characteristics of your stone: If you have any paperwork on your diamond, especially if you have a GIA report, then you are off to a good start. This will detail all of the qualities of your diamond which will allow you to receive price quotes before sending your diamond in for a final price or scheduling an appointment.
  • Understand the second-hand diamond market: It is important to understand the difference between retail and resale value for diamonds in order to set realistic price expectations. Much like when you drive a new car off the lot and it depreciates in value, diamonds depreciate in value once they have been purchased and are considered second-hand. Therefore the price paid at retail is not the same as the resale value.
  • Decide how quickly you are looking to sell: If speed of sale is your top priority, selling on consignment, at auction or through an online bidding platform will not be the best solution. Work with a buyer that can buy the diamond outright, offering a fast, safe service online or via appointment.

Once you decide to sell your diamonds, the first step is to consider who to sell to. Combining a pleasant selling experience with a highly competitive price is not a straightforward task in New York. It's therefore recommended that you take in some information/advice before selling.

Tips For Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In New York

  1. Avoid buyers with high pressure sales tactics. Some diamond buyers in New York will use unprofessional, high pressure sales tactics and this should always be a red flag.
  2. If you have a diamond grading report bring this any appointment. These all play a part in the valuation process and help give you the best price.
  3. Do not pay to receive a price quote. The entire service should always be free of charge. And it should be clear if there will be any commissions or fees deducted from your final price.
  4. Sell online if selling by appointment is not convenient. If you are unable to come to New York for an appointment, a respected diamond buyer will have a secure postal route that you can utilize.

You also have the option of selling your diamond jewelry online. Our service is free of charge, entirely secure and can take as little as 24 hours.