What To Do With Unwanted Gifts?

The designer necklace you were bought that you just don’t love? That luxury watch you were gifted that’s just not you? The designer necklace you were bought that you just don’t love? That luxury watch you were gifted that’s just not you? The reality is that you’re not alone in receiving unwanted gifts.

what to do with unwanted gifts

The holidays are a time for family and friends to get together and share quality time. We exchange gifts, come together around good food and generally enjoy each other’s presence. However, we may not always enjoy each other’s presents. Which begs the question: what to do with these unwanted gifts?

What To Do With Unwanted Gifts?

  1. Sell unwanted gifts
  2. Trade In Unwanted Gifts
  3. Return Unwanted Gifts

unwanted gifts

The Dilemma: Unwanted Gifts

From selfie sticks to gifts cards to luxury jewelry, there is often a pile of gifts that you receive that just are not quite the right fit for you. Items that look like great gifts but you realistically will never use.

It can be an awkward part of the holidays when you receive a well intentioned gift that just doesn’t work for you. Small inexpensive presents are easily forgotten but luxury, high-end gifts are more difficult. It seems a waste to simply leave them hidden away and unworn. But you certainly do not want to offend the gift giver and hitting the return line may not be an option if bought during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Seasonal Resale Surge

myGemma has identified a significant increase in reselling of diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches during the post-holiday period for this very reason. Our data shows that activity spikes after the holiday as people look to find a purpose for these items. Over the last two holiday seasons alone, activity between the months of December and January jumped an average of 44.5%.

Divorce Season

This seasonal surge in activity can be largely attributed to gifting and divorce season which peaks in the month of January. This plays a part as newly single men and women look to unburden themselves of old engagement rings.

Coupled with those letting go of holiday presents, it is a popular time of year for selling back diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. Many opt to upgrade or downgrade these gifts into a piece of jewelry that they love or simply walk away with its cash value. Unwanted holiday presents are thereby turned into something useful and worthwhile.

sell unwanted gifts

1. Sell Unwanted Gifts

Selling online is not only a discreet way to take care of unwanted luxury but also a safe and convenient solution. Rather than disposing of or letting the pieces gather dust, why not take a more practical approach. Selling unwanted luxury goods back into the market is an eco-friendly solution as it reduces demand for new production.

If you are looking to sell luxury jewelry, watches or handbags, simply contact us today for your price quote. With free price quotes and cash in your account in as little as 24 hours, myGemma is a quick and easy way to deal with unwanted presents.

upgrade unwanted gifts

2. Trade In Unwanted Gifts

We also offer our customers an upgrade program whereby you can receive up to 10% more on your offer in the form of credit with our online partners. This allows you to offload luxury items you do not want and instead select from some of the best diamonds, designer jewelry, watches, bags and sneakers on the market.

3. Return Unwanted Gifts

You could opt to return your item to the store it came from but this can inevitably pose problems. You need to know which store it came from and ideally have the receipt. If you don’t have this information, it can be difficult to obtain without offending the person who gifted it to you. Furthermore, when returning an item you can expect to receive store credit, which may or may not be helpful.

How To Sell Unwanted Gifts?

  • Hold on to any box and papers as this adds to the resale value of your piece
  • If you have no paperwork on designer jewelry and diamond jewelry, your local jeweler will be able to help you out. Simply ask them for a verbal appraisal and make not of the core characteristics (type of gold, carat weight etc.)
  • Fill out our online form with as much information as possible for a free price estimate