Sell Fancy Pink Diamonds

Looking to sell fancy pink diamonds? We provide a fast, secure and easy way to sell GIA certified pink diamonds online or in person. Our team of GIA trained gemologists are on hand to provide you with a free online quote.

Sell Pink Diamonds

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How To Sell a Pink Diamond Online?

Selling your pink diamond through myGemma is a fast, secure process that will maximize your profit. Follow these 5 easy steps to sell your pink diamond online today:

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Receive your price quote
  3. Make an appointment or send your pink diamond to us via or free, fully shipping
  4. Receive your final price offer and get paid

At myGemma, we work with customers of all sizes, from individuals and private dealers to large corporations. Our size and scope gives us access to the most current price fluctuations, meaning we can offer you competitive prices for your pink diamond. We are proud members of the leading trade associations in the industry and continually run our business to the highest ethical standards.

Pink Diamonds We Purchase

We accept the following pink diamonds:

  1. Must weigh 0.20 carats or greater
  2. Can be loose or in a setting
  3. Must be fancy light or better
  4. Diamonds with a GIA certificate are accepted

Once you fill out the online form, a member of our team will be in touch shortly with our price quote. Due to myGemma’ international size, huge scope, and financial backing, myGemma is in a unique position to offer highly competitive prices for large purchases such as pink diamonds. If you are looking to maximize profit, then selling through myGemma’ free, convenient online service is a great option.

Where To Sell My Pink Diamond?

Below we have outlined some of the popular options for selling pink diamonds.



  • Specialized online buyer
  • Quick process and speedy payment
  • Specialized online buyers such as myGemma are experts in colored diamonds
  • Will receive high price


  • Appointments available in limited locations

Auction House


  • Knowledgeable about colored diamonds
  • Can fetch high price


  • Lengthy process.
  • Can be difficult to find the right auction house
  • Reserve may be set low and diamond may be purchased for cheap



  • User-friendly service


  • Even with research, you may unknowingly undersell your item
  • Not the right place to sell a valuable colored diamond



  • Convenient process


  • Pawnshops likely will not specialize in colored diamonds and you may not receive the best price for your item
  • Pawnshops will flip the diamond to a specialized dealer for an immediate profit—profit you can have kept for yourself



  • Can reach a targeted audience


  • Jeweler may not specialize in colored diamonds
  • Lengthy process
  • No guarantee of sale

How To Choose The Best Pink Diamond Buyer

One of the most crucial parts of the selling process is picking the best buyer. It’s important to do your research in order to find a buyer that suits your needs. The buyer you choose to sell your pink diamond with should have the following qualities:

  • Trusted buyer – Look at online reviews to ensure past customers have had a good selling experience. Choose a BBB-accredited company and look at their rating and past history.
  • No extra costs/hidden fees – Companies that charge hidden fees or extra costs may not have your best interests in mind and your final price may be lower than expected.
  • Large buying capacity – Due to the high price of colored diamonds, a company with a large buying capacity is best suited to purchase your pink stone.
  • Secure – Inquire about how the buyer ensures the safety and security of your diamond throughout the selling process. Is shipping insured? Will your diamond be opened on-camera?

Choosing the right buyer will ensure a seamless, satisfactory selling process.

What My Pink Diamond Worth?

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself as you begin the process of selling your diamond is: how much is my pink diamond actually worth? Pink diamonds are generally higher in value than colorless diamonds due to their rarity, but their ultimate worth depends on a few characteristics.

The following five factors will greatly affect the value of your pink diamond:

  1. Color – The most important attribute to look at when grading a pink diamond is color. Color is determined by three qualities: hue, tone, and saturation. Hue refers to the actual color of your diamond, whether it be pink, brownish pink, purplish pink, etc. Pink is often modified by brown (the least valuable), orange, and purple. Tone signifies the lightness or darkness of the diamond’s color, and saturation refers to the strength or weakness of the color. When selling pink diamonds, the value generally increases as the saturation of color increases. Fancy color diamonds range from fancy light to fancy to fancy intense to fancy deep to fancy vivid. Fancy vivid is the most valuable. Where your pink diamond falls on this color scale will greatly determine its value.
  2. Cut – Different cuts can affect the look of the diamond and minimize or maximize your diamond’s color intensity, affecting its worth. Certain cuts are also more desirable due to what is in demand on the market at the time of sale.
  3. Clarity – Just like colorless diamonds, pink diamonds range from flawless to included. The more inclusions, or flaws, in your pink diamond, the lower its value.
  4. Carat – Typically, the greater the carat weight of your pink diamond, the higher its worth.
  5. Market Conditions – If your style of diamond is in high demand on the market, then its value will be greater. Market conditions at the time of sale can have a large impact on the price your diamond will fetch.

Fancy Purple Diamonds

Many pink diamonds exhibit a noticeable purple hue. If your pink diamond exhibits a secondary purple tone, it may be labeled as either purplish pink or purple pink. These terms differ slightly:

  • “Purplish pink” diamonds – exhibit some purple hue but primarily a pink hue (ie. 20% purple and 80% pink).
  • “Purple pink” diamonds – exhibit an even larger amount of purple shade but are still mainly pink (ie. 40% purple and 60% pink)

When describing a diamond, the first adjective (in the above examples either purplish or purple) is considered the modifier and pink is considered the primary color. If the modifying color is more valuable than the primary color, the modifier will increase the stone’s value. If the modifying color is less valuable than the primary color, the modifier will decrease the stone’s value. For example, because brown is a less valuable stone color than pink, a brownish pink stone will be less valuable than a pure pink stone.

There are also many diamonds that are primarily purple but exhibit a pink hue. These diamonds will be called pinkish purple or pink purple diamonds. Because the demand and rarity of pink and purple are comparable, purple pink diamonds are very similar in value to pink purple diamonds, and purplish pink diamonds are very similar in value to pinkish purple diamonds. myGemma purchases an array of pink and purple diamonds of varying intensities.

Why Are Diamonds Pink?

Due to the extreme pressure and heat that diamonds endure in the Earth’s mantle, some diamonds experience defects in their crystal lattice structure. These defects mean that the diamond selectively absorbs light, giving the diamond its pink color.