Iconic Chanel Purses: Where To Buy & Sell

    Chanel handbags are arguably the most instantly recognizable of luxury purses. Our list of the most iconic Chanel purses includes one that revolutionized women’s handbags forever. French orphan Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created a shoulder bag by including a shoulder strap on her Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. Prior to that, women typically struggled with cumbersome hand-held bags; anything else was considered improper by society.

    iconic chanel bags

    Today, thanks to continuing innovation and refinement (including no longer using exotic skins as of 2018) the Chanel brand offers some of the most enduring and popular luxury handbags in the world. Each of these iconic Chanel purses shares some of the features emblematic to the Chanel brand:

    • Double C fastening mechanism
    • Diamond quilting
    • Leather/chain strap
    • Iconic double C logo


    What Are The Most iconic Chanel Purses?

    1. Chanel Boy Bag
    2. Classic Flap Bag
    3. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag
    4. Bowling Bag
    5. Chanel Kelly
    6. Grand Shopping Tote
    7. Camera Case
    8. Bucket Bag


    most iconic chanel purses



    Estimated Retail: $5,100

    Ooh la la, this enduring Chanel favorite carries the nickname of Arthur “Boy” Capel, Coco Chanel's polo-playing paramour! Topping our list of the most iconic Chanel purses, celebrities and fashionistas alike quickly became mad about the Boy Bag when it was introduced in 2011. It is now considered a Chanel mainstay along with the Flap Bag. A Boy Bag also makes a good investment, retaining 90% of its original price (per

    • Trend-launching large link chain strap
    • Rectangular shape
    • Double C turn-lock closure

    Celebrity toters: Taraji P. Henson, Jessica Biel, Demi Lovato


    iconic chanel purses



    Estimated Retail: $5,100

    As already mentioned, Coco Chanel transformed women's fashion handbags forever with her Flap Bag, also known as the Chanel 2.55 (for its February 1955 debut). Then in the 1980s, creative director Karl Lagerfeld revamped the original 2.55 with additional features for Chanel lovers (including the now signature turn-lock) and propelled it to global handbag superstardom.

    Fun Flap Facts: * The first Chanel Flap Bag sold for $220! * Leo DiCaprio paid $11,100 for a Flap Bag for his mom at a children's charity auction. * Coco Chanel intended the zip compartment for storing love letters.

    • Single or double flap
    • Leather woven chain
    • Available in small, medium, large, and maxi
    • Classic quilting and chevron quilting

    Resale value: + 71.92% between 2010 and 2015 (per

    Celebrity toters: Keira Knightley, Dakota Fanning, Gwyneth Paltrow



    Estimated Retail: $4,950

    Named for the company's founder, of course! The quilted-leather Hobo claims its status as the Gabrielle line's centerpiece, but also available are tote, backpack, and drawstring versions. The bag's sturdy base supports its soft upper body. Offered, like many Chanel bags, in an abundance of materials and colors.

    • Double metal chain
    • Diamond pattern stitching

    Celebrity toter: Leann Rimes



    Estimated Retail: $3,000

    Summer 2018 saw the arrival of this instant fun favorite, whose name itself signals roominess and practicality — paired, of course, with eye-catching Chanel style. The larger model holds everything you might need for the day. Some models offer wrist straps, making them wearable as shoulder, top handle carry, and clutch bags. And some models celebrate the “Chanel” signature in matching chain link on their exteriors.

    • Rolled leather top handles
    • Chain link with threaded fabric shoulder strap
    • Zipper opening
    • Interior zipper pocket

    Celebrity toters: Lily Allen, Alyson Hannigan


    5. THE KELLY

    Estimated Retail: Not available at retail

    Winning an Academy Award and becoming a princess would be quite a life for anyone, but add to that having two top luxury handbags named after you! That was the case for Grace Kelly. (The other Kelly handbag is an Hermes classic.) And though discontinued, the Chanel Kelly Bag is still very popular on the secondary market, especially in the large size, sometimes fetching thousands of dollars.

    • Rolled top handle
    • Open interior pocket
    • Zip interior pocket
    • Intertwined CC turn-lock closure
    • Gold-tone hardware

    Celebrity toters: Nicky Hilton, Jaclyn Smith



    Estimated Retail: Not available at retail

    Another discontinued gem (discontinued in 2015), but still very sought after on the secondary market. “Grand” tells it all – very roomy and very classy combined into one iconic bag. Called the “GST” in Chanel shorthand, you can even pack your umbrella in it.

    • Hand carry or over the shoulder
    • Zipper middle compartment
    • Keyholder strap
    • Front pocket
    • Back zipper pocket

    Celebrity toters: Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Paris Hilton



    Estimated Retail: $3,500

    Don't let the name mislead you; Chanel didn't design this popular purse to really carry cameras. Instead, the name reflects its boxy structure. It's a perfect everyday to night purse, with a deceptively small size.

    Unzip it and you'll find unexpected room for holding essentials and maybe a little more. Designed for cross-body carrying, it comes in colorful tweeds as well as leathers.

    • Chain shoulder/cross-body strap
    • Interior pocket
    • Interior zipper pocket

    Celebrity toters: Ariana Grande, Ashley Benson



    Estimated Retail: $3,700

    Designed for everyday use but offering somewhat more pizzazz than the usual tote bag, Bucket Bags also offer more security with their drawstring closures. Bucket bags came into being for purely practical purposes, and weren't even intended for women to carry. Created on request in 1932 by another famous French company, Louis Vuitton, the first bucket bag was intended to securely carry five bottles of champagne.

    • Gold-tone hardware
    • Exterior front flap
    • Chain link shoulder strap

    Celebrity toter: Zoe Kravitz


    iconic chanel purses


    How To Buy Chanel Purses For The Best Price?

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