How Much Is A Chanel Bag?

Famous for its CC logo, Chanel is one of the most sought-after designer brands on the market. So, how much exactly is a Chanel bag? With prices well into the thousands, the answer is simple: a lot.

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As one of the top-tier luxury designer brands, Chanel has prices to match. With a rich history and repertoire of iconic designs, it is no surprise that Chanel is able to charge premium prices.

Find out how much the brand’s bags cost along with where to buy and sell Chanel bags for the best prices.

Why Is Chanel So Expensive?


Since the brand’s inception in 1910, Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry through her constant innovation of women’s clothing, perfume, and accessories.

The brand she created is behind the iconic ‘little black dress’, comfortable women’s suiting, the infamous perfume Chanel No. 5, and handbags such as the Classic Flap and the 2.55. Her life and legacy factor into why this fashion house is so popular and expensive.


Along with her glamorous legacy, Coco Chanel and her namesake brand have a reputation for producing timeless and classic bags. The Classic Chanel Flap Bag has been a best-seller since its debut in 1955.

The brand’s reputation only grew when Karl Lagerfeld took the helm and introduced more iconic styles like the Chanel Boy Bag. Synonymous with luxury and glamour, Chanel’s reputation as a top-quality, exclusive brand aids in its high-end price points.

Cultural Significance

Chanel is considered a mainstay in the realm of celebrity fashion. It is more difficult to name celebrities who haven’t worn Chanel than those who have.

Jennifer Lopez, Kiera Knightly, Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, and Cardi B are just a few of the brand’s most ardent celebrity supporters. The support from celebrities keeps the brand significant and relevant to be able to charge higher prices for their bags.


Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, Chanel has continued to cultivate value through in-store experiences. This is because their bags are not available to buy online and are only available at their boutiques or department stores.

In doing so, Chanel creates exclusivity and rarity for the brand as pricing, stock, and color options aren’t known until you go in-store. With price increases every year and no repeating of colors, customers who covet a certain bag have a sense of urgency to purchase. This creates value for the brand and customers as they know what they invest in will likely only increase in rarity.

With the ‘why’ behind Chanel’s pricing in mind, let's look into how much the brand’s various bag designs cost.

How Much Is A Chanel Bag?

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As of November 2023, Chanel bag prices average at about $3,350-$11,500. Alternative textiles and rarer editions can have even higher prices. However, there are a few things to take into consideration for these price ranges.

Firstly, prices at Chanel are constantly increasing. The most popular Chanel Classic Flap bag in black with goldware used to retail at $2,850 in 2010. Today, the Small Classic Flap retails for $9,600. 

The next point is that even if you are in the market to purchase a Chanel bag, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to purchase it. The brand has curated rarity by not repeating colors and creates exclusivity by making it more difficult to obtain popular color and hardware combos. For example, hard-to-find colors are sold well above their retail price on the second-hand market.

With all this in mind, let’s dig into the price ranges of Chanel’s fan favorites along with some of their newer bag styles and their price ranges.

Average Chanel Prices (2023):

  • Classic Wallet-On-Chain: $3,350
  • Small Boy Bag: $6,100
  • Large 19 Bag: $6,800
  • Mini 2.55 Reissue: $4,900
  • Small Classic Flap Bag: $9,600
  • Mini Coco Handle: $5,400

Considering the brand's rarity and constant up-ticking of pricing, Chanel’s handbags can hold much of their value. Next, we’ll dig into how to buy and sell Chanel bags for the best prices.

Where To Buy Chanel Bags For The Best Price?

Due to the brand’s exclusivity and increasing price tags, Chanel bags come with a premium price in their boutiques.

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Where To Sell Chanel Bags For The Best Price?

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