Engagement Ring Trends: Top 6 Trends of 2022

Engagement ring trends change and evolve over time. Some of the characteristics that brides-to-be have been admiring this year are more unique, vintage looking styles with intricate yet delicate detail. Alongside opting for more adventurous and untraditional styles, the rise in popularity of moissanite gems has shown that people are opting for more affordable styles.

Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

Engagement ring trends change and evolve over time. Influenced by fashion, celebrities and market prices, each year different trends emerge. Looking to 2022, what are the most popular engagement ring trends this year?

Are hidden halos passé? Does the simple solitaire engagement ring still reign supreme, are rose cut diamonds a trend from the past? We take a close look at wha engagement ring styles jewelry designers will be working on this year.

Top 6 Top Engagement Ring Trends 2022

  1. Sustainability
  2. Oval cut
  3. Emerald cut
  4. White gold
  5. Online engagement ring buying
  6. Custom

Some of the characteristics that brides-to-be have been admiring this year are more unique, eco-friendly engagement rings. Alongside opting for more adventurous and untraditional styles, the rise in popularity of white gold has finally shown a move away from rose gold.

top engagement ring trends

1. Sustainability

Today's brides and grooms are increasingly eco-conscious in their purchases. Millennials and Gen Z are looking for brands they align with and feel good about buying from. The most environmentally responsible way to buy a diamond ring is still to buy pre-owned, more so than buying a new or a man-made diamond, which all require resources.

Andrew Brown, CEO of myGemma stated that 'Recycling diamond rings back into the market and buying pre-owned is the most eco-friendly choice you can make. Shopping for pre-owned engagement rings reduces the demand for new jewelry and mining, which in turn reduces the damage that this causes to our planet. Our wide range of pre-owned engagement rings are not only a financially savvy choice, but also the most sustainable way to shop for engagement rings.'

Pre-owned, recycled diamonds are the most eco-friendly way to source a diamond. More so than lab grown, as they are diamonds that do not require manufacturing and are already in circulation. Now more than ever, people are looking to make sustainable purchasing choices, so we expect continued growth from the pre-owned diamond ring market. Better value for money, better for the environment- what's not to love?

engagement ring trends of 2022

2. Oval Cut

Oval cut diamond engagement rings have gone from strength to strength in recent years. Whether a single oval cut diamond set on a simple band or in a halo for extra sparkle, we expect to see continued demand for oval cut diamond engagement rings.

The oval shaped diamond makes for a particularly elegant and sophisticated look as a center stone. Not only does the elongated shape flatter fingers, it also creates the illusion that the diamond is perhaps larger than it actually is.

While round diamonds remain the most popular shape year after year, oval cut diamonds are set to be a firm favorite in 2022. Soft, elegant and chic, an oval cut diamond makes for a timeless engagement ring.

top engagement ring trends

3. Emerald Cut

From Brooklyn Beckham to Demi Lovato, this art deco style diamond cut is a firm favorite among celebrities in recent months. Emerald cut stone rings are bold, geometric and make a statement.

Emerald cut diamonds are step cut, which means that when shopping for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, the most important thing to look for is a good clarity grade. Any imperfections in the stone will be highly visible.

Many celebrities have opted for emerald cut engagement rings including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

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4. White Gold

Rose gold has had a hot moment in recent years, but it would seem that this trend is showing signs of waning. Understated, elegant white gold will likely take center stage in 2022.

Although we do not believe that yellow gold engagement rings will fall out of favor.

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5. Online Engagement Ring Buying

The coronavirus pandemic has affected how we shop, and that extends to ring shopping. Millenials and Gen Z are already comfortable with buying big ticket items online, and with coronavirus still impacting day to day life, it makes all the more sense for them to buy the engagement ring online. An added benefit of this is that online stores tend to have lower overhead costs than brick and mortar retail stores which translates into lower prices.

This generation has grown up with the internet and is digitally savvy. They know where and how to shop online safely for luxury goods, including diamond engagement rings.

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6. Custom

Many couples are looking for unique, customised rings to reflect their style and personality. Specifically, two stone rings are currently popular among celebrities, see Ariana Grande's or Meghan Fox's mix and match engagement rings. Grande's ring includes a family pearl that holds emotional value. While Fox's ring was personalized by using their birthstones: emerald and diamond. We expect to see more of these unique, romantic creations.

What The 2022 Engagement Ring Trends Reveal

What has become apparent this year is that brides and grooms are increasingly looking for sustainable engagement rings, unique pieces and are opting to shop online.

Overall, today's engagement ring buyer is savvy, eco-conscious and unafraid to make big purchases online.

Sell Or Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

While engagement rings used to be for the duration of a marriage, these days couples often do opt to update their wedding and engagement rings later on in the marriage. This can be because they now have the funds to afford something a little more special, because the engagement ring from before no longer fits or no longer fits the person’s style any more.

If you are thinking about replacing your old engagement ring with a new one, you might want to consider selling your previous engagement ring in order to be able to afford the perfect new ring.

Another reason why you might be looking to sell your engagement ring is if it is from a previous marriage that has ended. There are a few different avenues to explore when it comes to selling engagement rings online.

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