The Average Ring Size For Men And Women

Looking to find out what the average ring size for men and women is? Knowing this is particularly helpful if you are planning to propose and need to find a ring, or shopping for a wedding band.

The Average Ring Size

Just like Goldilocks, anyone getting a ring wants it to be just the right size. Too large and it may slide around on your finger and get damaged by knocking it into things. If your ring is too small, it will pinch — or worse, may affect your circulation or be difficult to remove.

Obviously, gender can make a difference. So can height, weight, and surprisingly even weather and time of day. Even your lifestyle can make a difference, for example, medication can have an impact on ring size.

average ring size for men and women

Why It’s Helpful To Know Ring Size

Getting the right size is easy if you’re buying a ring for yourself or you can go to the jewelry store with the recipient. But if neither of those scenarios fit — if the ring is intended as a surprise and/or you don’t know the recipient’s size — the average ring size is a good place to start.

What Factors Influence Ring Size?

  • Height: When it comes to rings, size stays relatively stable across height groups. The average size for a women’s ring is based on a 5.4 average height. Just as with shoes and other clothing, ring sizes are standardized for the United States. (But they are not standardized internationally.)
  • Weight: Thinner people tend toward thinner fingers, and heavier people tend toward thicker fingers. But this is not a hard-and-fast rule. everyone is different.
  • Ring Thickness: As a rule of thumb (or ring finger), a thicker ring will fit more snuggly. To accommodate this, you may need to go one size up.
  • Left Or Right Handed: The fingers on your dominant hand may very well be thicker. Generally, you’ll need a larger size on that hand by 0.5.
  • Location: The average ring size in Europe is 7 while in Southeast Asia it is 5. This could be influenced by factors such as regional diet and ethnicity.
  • Time Of Day: Fingers are smaller in the morning and may swell throughout the day. This can be because a salty dinner or overuse of hands during the workday.
  • Weather: To cool down on a hot day, heat exits the body via expanded blood vessels in your skin, so your fingers swell. In the cold, your body reduces blood flow to your fingers to keep your core warm. This results in a thinner finger size.

Since the last two factors are transient, they likely won’t impact your overall size. But they do explain why your ring may feel more comfortable at certain times.

So what are the optimal conditions for measuring your finger for ring size? At the end of the day; your fingers are warmer then.

What Is Ring Size?

Basically, it’s a ring’s inner circumference in millimeters. A well-sized ring should feel a little resistant when you try to take it off. But neither slide right off nor make you struggle to remove it.

As mentioned before, ring finger sizes aren’t internationally standardized. According to Brilliant Earth: a size 6 in the United States, Mexico, and Canada would be:

  • An M in the UK and Ireland
  • 51.5 in France
  • 16.5 in Germany, Russia, and Asia
  • 12 in India, Japan, South America, and Israel
  • 11.5 in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland
how to measure ring size

How To Measure Ring Size?

3 Ways To Measure Ring Size At Home

  1. Measure the exact finger you’ll wear the ring on. For an engagement ring, you’ll want to measure the ring finger of your left hand. Print out a ring sizer from the internet, preferably from your own jeweler’s site.
  2. Wrap a flexible measuring tape close to your knuckle. Convert the measurement using a ring size chart, which might be available from your jeweler.
  3. Print a circular ring sizing chart you can find online. Wrap string or paper around your finger, then match it to the appropriate size on the chart.

When To Measure? Technically, the optimal time to measure is at the end of the day. But it’s a good idea to check a few times for variations in time of day, temperature, etc.

What Is The Average Ring Size For Women?

The average ring size for women is 6, with an average span of size 5 to size 7. For both women and men, whole sizes are more popular than half sizes.

What Is The Average Ring Size For Men?

The average men's ring size is 9 or 10, with an average span of sizes 8 to 14.

What To Do If The Ring Is The Wrong Size?

Ideally the ring should slide over your knuckle comfortably but not be at danger of slipping off.

Downsizing a ring is easier and less costly, in general, than making a ring bigger.

On the other hand, upsizing process may damage a nice piece of jewelry. It is also more complicated and expensive due to the necessity of adding more gold or other metal to the ring.

Celebrity Ring Sizes

Per guesstimates by

  • Adele: 7.5
  • Taylor Swift: 5.5
  • Rihanna: 6
  • Kim Kardashian: 4.5

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