What Is The 'Mob Wives' Trend?

    Chunky gold jewelry, voluminous hair, animal print… let’s talk all things ‘mob wives’ and the online trend that screams ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia.

    mob wife accessories

    If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram or TikTok in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed an increase in ‘mob wives’ themed content. Perhaps the first big online trend of 2024 and the first of many, we’re sure.

    2023 brought the likes of ‘tomato girls’, ‘vanilla girls’ and ‘latte makeup’. While these trends live online across a multitude of platforms, TikTok has really been the birthplace of many of these niche micro-trends. 

    The mob wife trend is representative of the nostalgia cycle we constantly find ourselves in. This fascination for the past subcultures is particularly fueled by accessibility. Never before have we had such extensive access to the past, with archival photos and videos that were once buried away resurfacing across social media.

    How often do you see people posting about how cool their parents used to look in a previous era? So, it’s no wonder that with a rise of super specific trends and access to archives, that the mob wife trend is here.

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    About The ‘Mob Wife’ Trend

    What Is A Mob Wife?

    As with all of these trends, the clue is explicitly in the name. A mob wife is the wife of a mob member. However, it’s actually not that simple because some examples include women who are daughters or family members of mob leaders and members.

    What Is The Mob Wife Trend?

    Mob wives are typically associated with a more-is-more and flashy aesthetic. Examples are often tv characters, such as Carmela Soprano in ‘The Sopranos’ but you’ll also find real-life mob wives in the TV show ‘Mob Wives’. 

    The aesthetic entails fur coats, patent leather, metallic brown lipstick, and of course, a lot of yellow gold jewelry. It is based on mob wives of Italian descent, typically living on the East Coast and New Jersey in particular.

    One of the easiest ways to incorporate the mob wife aesthetic into your look is to wear vintage or '80s and '90s-inspired accessories.

    Why Is It Popular?

    There is a dedicated Sopranos TikTok to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the show’s first episode in 1999. The content has therefore reached a whole new generation that would have missed it the first time it came around.

    With social media, it doesn’t take much for a trend to catch on. The mob wife trend has come at the right time of a Sopranos resurgence and while we’re right in the middle of a nostalgia for the late 20th century.

    What Are The Best Mob Wife Accessories?

    mob wife accessories

    1. Chunky Gold Jewelry

    The easiest way to incorporate the mob wife aesthetic into your daily rotation is to invest in some chunky gold jewelry, especially yellow gold. Heavily influenced by the ‘80s, chunky jewelry never truly goes out of favor. Whether it’s Tiffany & Co. or Versace, bold and brash jewelry can make an outfit.

    2. Hermès Birkin

    The ultimate designer handbag. The Hermès Birkin comes in many sizes, colors, and fabrics. While the Birkin silhouette is on the minimalist side, some of the styles, such as the Himalaya, adhere to mob wife maximalism and fit the mob wife mold. 

    3. Yellow Gold Watches

    Following the same look as chunky gold jewelry, yellow gold watches with embellishments or a more bulky shape fit the bill perfectly. 

    Where To Buy Mob Wife Accessories?

    While we don’t necessarily encourage buying trend pieces, we can advocate for buying accessories that fit within trends and beyond. Chunky gold jewelry? It never really goes out of style. Luxurious designer handbags? They’re forever favorites.

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