Where To Sell Unwanted Jewellery

Whether you were gifted jewellery that’s not quite your style, tired of pieces pilling up in your jewellery box or want to part with the memories attached to certain pieces of jewellery, there are plenty of reasons you may have for selling your jewellery. By selling your unwanted jewellery, you can declutter your life and get the funds to buy something you’ll really love. You may be asking yourself, “where’s the best place to sell unwanted jewellery?”. Today there is an endless array of jewellery buyers, but who has the time to meet with them all? Keep reading as we...

Where To Sell Unwanted Jewellery


Jewellery Buyers In The UK:

Below are some of the most popular jewellery buyers, each with their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Pawnbrokers: Selling your jewellery with pawnbrokers is typically a fast process. Pawnbrokers can pay you on the spot for your jewellery in cash. While this may sound like a good deal, keep in mind that pawnbrokers do not employ jewellery experts who can properly evaluate your jewellery. Without the necessary second-hand jewellery knowledge, pawnbrokers provide low, cautious offers. This means that you will likely be losing money that you could have made elsewhere.
  • Hatton Garden: Hatton Garden may seem synonymous with jewellery selling because of their large array of jewellery shops. However, selling at Hatton Garden can be a stressful experience because of high-pressure sales tactics. And in many cases, unless the jeweller has a specific buyer in mind, they will make cautious, low offers as they do not know how long it will take them to sell your piece.
  • Selling Privately Online: There are many user-friendly websites that allow you to put your jewellery privately up for sale. With websites like Facebook and Craigslist, you can easily create an ad for your jewellery and set your ideal selling price. While setting your own price sounds perfect, without the necessary knowledge of the second-hand jewellery market, picking an accurate price is difficult. It can take months for your jewellery to sell, if it does sell at all, so you must be willing to wait for a potentially lengthy period of time. You will also need to remain cautious of scammers and ensure that you never share any personal or banking information.
  • Expert jewellery buyers: Expert jewellery buyers, such as myGemma, can help you sell your diamond and designer jewellery quickly and easily. Our team of jewellery experts can accurately assess and price your jewellery. This is a complex process that requires an experienced professional with the necessary brand and market knowledge. Thanks to our industry connections and global buying power, we are able to offer competitive prices for your pre-owned jewellery.


Why Expert Jewellery Buyers Are The Best Option

When it comes to selling your unwanted jewellery, your best choice is to work with expert jewellery buyers. Why choose myGemma?

  • Jewellery Experts: we employ a team of jewellery experts who can properly value your jewellery.
  • Strong Prices: Our international connections in the industry has given us the buying power to provide you with competitive offers for your jewellery.
  • Fast: We can get you paid in as little as 48 hours after you complete our simple online form.
  • Free: Best of all, our service is completely free, regardless if you decide to sell your jewellery with us our not.
  • Safe: You can feel safe selling your valuables with us because of our 100% trust guarantee and hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Convenient: Sell your jewellery online or via appointment in Birmingham or London.


How To Sell Unwanted Jewellery To myGemma

Selling your unwanted jewellery with myGemma is hassle free. Whether you prefer to sell your jewellery in-person or online, we have a selling method that’s perfect for you.

1. How To Sell Your Jewellery In-Person

We have several locations in the UK where you can sell your jewellery.

Where to sell unwanted jewellery in Birmingham: Our UK headquarters is in Birmingham, conveniently located in the jewellery quarter. During your appointment you will meet with one of our experts who will assess and value your jewellery. Within thirty minutes you will receive a firm price offer for your jewellery and well as a thorough explanation as to how it was priced. You can then receive payment through bank transfer. Whether you decide to sell with us or not, this process will be entirely free. Schedule your appointment Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Our Birmingham address:

Studio 212/213B, The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6NF, United Kingdom

Where to sell unwanted jewellery in London: We also offer monthly appointments in London. Please contact us to schedule your appointment at one of these locations. With myGemma, appointments are always free and the final offer we give you for your jewellery is exactly how much you will be paid. There are no hidden fees or commissions that will deduct from your offer.  Click the button below to schedule your appointment today.

2. How To Sell Your Jewellery Online

No matter where you are in the UK, you can mail-in your jewellery to us for free. To begin this process simply fill out our online form with information about your jewellery. Our jewellery experts will shortly contact you with a price quote. If you like your quote and want to get a final offer, we will provide you with a Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack. This mail service is entirely free, insured and trackable. When your jewellery arrives, our team will assess and value your items. If you accept our offer, we can pay you by bank transfer. We never use any high-pressure sales tactics, so if you decline your offer, we simply mail your jewellery back to you for free.

Begin the selling process today by calling 0121-288-8280 to speak with our expert team, or click the button below to receive your offer.