Sell Tiffany True Engagement Rings

    There are plenty of reasons why you may have decided to sell your Tiffany True Engagement ring. Whether the ring no longer suits your style or you are moving on from a divorce, selling the ring is the perfect way to let go of something you no longer love and get paid.

    Sell Tiffany True Engagement Rings

    Our engagement ring experts will show you how to sell Tiffany True engagement rings quickly and safely for the most money.

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    About Tiffany True Engagement Rings

    Released in 2018, the Tiffany True Engagement ring is the luxury jeweller’s first new engagement ring design in nearly a decade. With an exclusive diamond cut and new ring setting, the Tiffany True diamond is a modified square cut with a large table to allow for greater light dispersion. The ring’s setting features discreet T-shapes that form the diamond’s basket. The diamond is held in four prongs resting low on the finger, perfect for everyday wear. Tiffany’s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff stated: “Now, the launch of Tiffany True with its unique setting and expert cut, we are introducing a supreme expression of modern love.” The Tiffany True Engagement rings are set to become an iconic, modern day Tiffany engagement ring.


    What Is A Tiffany True Ring Worth?

    Finding out how much your Tiffany True ring is worth is simple. Simply provide the following information detailed on the paperwork that came with your ring:

    Centre Diamond: The majority of your Tiffany True engagement ring’s value comes from its centre diamond. The qualities of a diamond are broken up into four major categories known as the 4Cs:

    • Cut Grade: Details how well cut your diamond is on a scale from Excellent to Poor. Tiffany only uses Excellent cut diamonds.
    • Clarity Grade: Denotes the amount of internal and external flaws a diamond possesses, known as inclusions and blemishes respectively. Clarity is graded from FL (flawless) to I3 (visibly flawed). Tiffany only uses diamonds with a clarity grades ranging from IF to VS2.
    • Colour Grade: Refers to the amount of colour that a white diamond displays on a scale of D (colourless) to Z (faint yellow). Tiffany only uses diamonds with a colour grade ranging from D to I. This letter grade does not apply to fancy coloured diamonds which are graded from Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid depending on colour intensity. The fancy yellow diamonds Tiffany uses in this collection have fancy colour grades ranging from Fancy Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow.
    • Carat Weight: Details how heavy your diamond is in carats, abbreviated to ct.
    • Diamond Shape: Your engagement ring will either feature a Tiffany True square modified cut diamond or a cushion cut diamond.
    • Metal: Tiffany True engagement rings are only made in platinum and yellow gold.
    • Box and Papers: When selling an engagement ring from a premier luxury brand like Tiffany, you can increase your offer when selling the ring with its original Tiffany box and papers in excellent condition.
    • Certification: When you bought your Tiffany engagement ring, it either came with a GIA report or a Tiffany Diamond Certificate which detail the diamond’s characteristics.

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    Is It Safe To Sell Tiffany True Engagement Rings Online?

    It is only natural to feel wary about selling something as expensive as an engagement ring online. As long as you work with a reputable diamond buying company, you can rest assured that your engagement ring will be safe. We recommend only working with a buyer that meets the following criteria:

    • Provides free, fully insured shipping
    • Has outstanding online customer reviews
    • Has a physical office with appointments available as well as the option to sell online
    • Has a team of GIA trained gemmologists
    • Has a clear selling process
    • Entirely free service with no obligation to sell


    Where Can I Sell Tiffany True Rings?

    A quick online search will show you an endless list of engagement rings buyers, from pawnshops to online consignment platforms. But how to find the best place to sell Tiffany True engagement rings?

    Why not work directly with the experts! At myGemma, we are specialist diamond buyers, providing a fast, free and painless way to sell Tiffany engagement rings. With our team of diamond and designer jewelry experts, we work with hundreds of customers from around the world on a daily basis. Our service is so quick and simple that the entire process can take as little as 48 hours. Unlike other engagement ring buyers, we buy your Tiffany True engagement ring outright so you never have to wait for us to sell the ring for you. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or commissions deducted from your offer and there is no obligation to sell. We pride ourselves on our professional service and unparalleled customer service that have earned us hundreds of excellent online reviews from happy customers.


    How Can I Get The Best Price For Tiffany True Rings?

    Get the best price for your Tiffany True engagement ring by selling to the diamond experts. At myGemma, we always work to get you the very best price. Our team of industry experts analyze the current second-hand jewelry market and the exact characteristics of your diamond. We use GIA grading standards to ascertain the quality of your stone taking factors such as the 4 C’s, fluorescence, depth and much more. Based on this, we then calculate the current value of your Tiffany ring.


    How To Sell Tiffany True Engagement Rings

    1. Start the selling process by completing our simple online form with information on your engagement ring.
    2. We will be in touch shortly with a bespoke price quote.
    3. Getting a final offer is just as easy. You can either schedule a complimentary appointment at our offices (London, Birmingham, New York or Hong Kong) or you have the option of selling online. We provide a free, fully insured and trackable mailing service to securely send your ring to our offices for evaluation.
    4. We will notify you as soon as we receive your ring where it will be opened on camera. Our engagement ring experts will then evaluate your engagement ring and we will contact you with our final offer. You can accept payment by bank transfer or request to have it returned to you for free.

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