Sell Paloma Picasso Jewellery

As one of Tiffany & Co.’s most prominent designers, Paloma Picasso has enriched the luxury jewellery house with her bold and voluminous creations for decades. If you are holding onto Paloma Picasso jewellery that you are ready to part with, our luxury jewellery experts are on hand to value and buy your jewellery.

Sell Paloma Picasso Jewellery

Keep reading as we guide you through everything you need to know to sell Paloma Picasso jewellery quickly, easily and safely.

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The History Of Paloma Picasso Jewellery

As the daughter of artists Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot, Franco-Spanish designer Paloma Picasso was destined for greatness. Paloma’s entry into the jewellery scene began in 1968, working as a costume designer in Paris. With rhinestones bought from flea markets, Paloma created a necklace that was well received by critics. Following this success, Paloma enrolled in school for jewellery design. When she showed her designs to her friend Yves Saint Laurent, he commissioned her to design accessories to accompany his collection.

Paloma Picasso was originally asked by Tiffany & Co. to design a table setting for an exhibition in 1979. Just a year later, she joined the luxury jewellery house and imbued her love of bold shapes and colour into every creation. Paloma is credited with leading the vibrant gemstone trend of the 1980s, as her designs embraced stones that were not favored by the industry at the time. One of her most celebrated collections is Paloma’s Graffiti, inspired by urban street art. While many were enraged by widespread graffiti on the streets, Paloma explained that she sought to turn this urban art into something positive. Paloma has celebrated nearly 40 years with Tiffany & Co. where she delights the jewellery world with her bold creations.


What Is Paloma Picasso Jewellery Worth?

When looking to sell Paloma Picasso jewellery, you will likely be curious as to how much it is worth. Typically you can expect to receive around 30%-35% back of what was originally paid at retail. Where you fall in that price range will depend on the following factors:

  • Collection: There are multiple Paloma Picasso collections including Paloma’s Graffiti, Melody, Studio, Groove and Sugar Stacks. The value of your jewellery will depend on the demand on the second-hand market for your particular collection.
  • Condition: The better condition your jewellery is in, the better your offer will be. When your jewellery is damaged, dented or missing gemstones, its value will be lowered to account for the cost of repairs.
  • Box and Papers: Having the original box and papers (and in good condition) for your Paloma Picasso jewellery will positively impact it’s value. These are desirable for collectors as they illustrate the authenticity of your jewellery. You can also reference the paperwork to learn the exact characteristics of your jewellery.

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Where To Sell Paloma Picasso Jewellery

With all the information about your Paloma Picasso jewellery prepared, you are ready to find a reputable luxury jewellery buyer. Below are some of the most popular local and online buyers, consider which is best for you:

Pawnshops Local
May pay in cash
Low, cautious offers
Hatton Garden Centrally located in London
Multiple buyers to meet with
Not all buyers are luxury jewellery experts
High pressure sales tactics
May encounter unscrupulous buyers
Auction Houses Luxury jewellery experts Long selling process
Auctions are held infrequently
Takes a percentage of your profits
Private Ads Many user-friendly websites for making private jewellery ads
Set your ideal price
Accurately pricing jewellery without industry knowledge is difficult
No guarantee that your jewellery will sell
Some websites will take a percentage of your earnings
Potential scammers
myGemma Free
Designer jewellery experts
Competitive prices
No hidden fees or commissions
Sell online or by appointment
In person appointments locations are limited to Birmingham, London, New York and Hong Kong. However, you can always sell your jewellery online.

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How To Sell Paloma Picasso Jewellery

At myGemma, we make selling Paloma Picasso jewellery easy. Simply complete the online form with information about your jewellery to receive a price quote. After receiving your quote, we provide two free, fast and convenient methods for getting your final offer:

  • Schedule an Appointment: We host weekly appointments in Birmingham, New York and Hong Kong every Monday through Friday as well as monthly London appointments. During your 30-minute appointment, you will have your jewellery evaluated and priced by one of our experts. You may accept your offer by bank transfer. There is never any obligation to sell and appointments are always free, whether you sell to us or not.


  • Sell Online: Our most popular selling option, allowing you to sell from the comfort of your home, from almost anywhere in the world. We provide free, secure, fully insured shipping for you to mail in your jewellery for a final price. When your jewellery arrives at our office it is promptly assessed by our luxury jewellery team who calculate a competitive price. You can accept your final offer by bank transfer or request to have your jewellery returned to you for free.

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