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Since her partnership with Tiffany & Co., Elsa Peretti has designed numerous collections aimed at making luxury jewellery affordable for everyone. If you find yourself wondering how to sell Elsa Peretti jewellery, we are here to help.

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As designer jewellery experts, we buy Elsa Peretti jewellery and will guide you through preparing to sell Elsa Peretti jewellery, determining how much your pieces are worth and receiving the most competitive offer.

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History Of Elsa Peretti Jewellery

Elsa Peretti is one of Tiffany & Co.’s most iconic designers with over 30 collections to her name. Born in Italy with a degree in interior design from Rome, Peretti was a popular model in New York and Barcelona during the late 1960s. In between modelling, Peretti began to design her own jewellery which was well received when featured during a fashion show. Peretti believed that jewellery should be worn at any time of day, rather than being reserved for evenings, which was a sentiment she imbued in every creation. She later went on to design jewellery for the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Halston.

Peretti joined Tiffany & Co. in 1974 and brought bold, sculptural and organic designs to the jewellery house. Her modern and feminine creations introduced a younger generation of jewellery lovers to Tiffany. Of Peretti’s numerous collections, some of her most enduring designs include the Open Heart, Bone cuffs, and Diamonds by the Yard. Peretti’s designs have extended to Tiffany’s home collection which include silver, china and crystal pieces embraced for their fluid and tactile style. Elsa Peretti is such an integral part of Tiffany & Co. that they offered her a 20-year contact in 2013 with a one-time pay out of over £33 million.


What Is My Elsa Peretti Jewellery Worth?

When preparing to sell Elsa Peretti jewellery, you will want to have an idea of what it is worth. As Elsa Peretti has jewellery that starts as low as £100 to over £26,000, determining the value of your jewellery depends on several key factors:

  • Collection: There are over 30 Elsa Peretti collections that come at varying price points. Identify which collection your jewellery belongs to.
  • Type: Elsa Peretti’s jewellery spans rings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, earrings and cuffs.
  • Metals: The most common metals used in Elsa Peretti’s jewellery are 18k gold and sterling silver.
  • Gemstones: Your Elsa Peretti jewellery may include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and tanzanite among other gemstones. Be sure to know which gemstones adorn your jewellery as well as their respective carat weights.
  • Box and Papers: These are the original box and papers that came with your Elsa Peretti jewellery when purchased. These demonstrate the authenticity of your jewellery and add value to collectors who prefer to purchase jewellery in complete sets. You can also reference the paperwork to learn all of the characteristics of your jewellery such as the exact metal and gemstones on the piece.
  • Condition: The condition of your Elsa Peretti jewellery will influence your offer. For example, if your jewellery is dented or missing gemstones, the cost of repairs will need to be deducted from your offer. Conversely, if your jewellery is in excellent condition, this will reflect positively in its value.

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Where San I Sell Elsa Peretti Jewellery?

Below are some of the most popular buyers of Elsa Peretti jewellery, consider which option is best for you:

  • Pawnshops: For a fast and local selling option, you can sell to a pawnshop. While pawnshops sound like a convenient option, keep in mind that they do not likely employ people with in-depth knowledge of the second-hand luxury market. This means that you will likely receive low offers.
  • Hatton Garden: Easily accessible to London locals, Hatton Garden houses an assortment of designer jewellery buyers. While you can meet with various buyers and receive multiple offers, Hatton Garden can quickly become a stressful environment. Many buyers use high-pressure sales tactics and can have unscrupulous methods.
  • Auction Houses: Auction houses staff luxury jewellery experts who can assess and price your pieces. Selling to an auction house can easily become a long process as you must wait for auctions to be held and your jewellery to be bid on. If your jewellery is not bought, then you have to wait what easily could be months for the next auction to be held. If your jewellery does sell, then the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings.
  • Private Ads: You can make a private ad for your jewellery on platforms such as Facebook and eBay. While you are able to set your desired price, there is no guarantee when or if your jewellery will sell. Also, you must always remain cautious of online scammers.
  • myGemma: To sell Elsa Peretti jewellery quickly, easily and for the best price, myGemma is here to help. We are international luxury jewellery buyers with a team of industry experts and a thorough understanding of the second-hand luxury market. Our expertise and global buying power allow us to provide you with competitive and honest prices.

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How To Sell Elsa Peretti Jewellery?

At myGemma, we make selling luxury jewellery painless. Here is how it works:

  1. Complete our online form to get an initial price quote.
  2. To get your final offer you can schedule an appointment at our office in Birmingham, London, New York or Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can use our free and fully insured shipping service to send your items in.
  3. Once our experts assess your jewellery in person, they will calculate a firm offer.
  4. Accept payment by cheque or bank wire. There are never any hidden fees deducted from your offer, so the final amount we tell you is how much you will get paid. And there is never any obligation to sell: if you do not accept our offer, we return it to you free of charge.

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