Luxury Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide

    Whether you’re new to the world of luxury watches or a longtime collector, chances are you’ve been tripped up by luxury watch brand pronunciation. (And if you have, rest assured that you are not alone.) With so many luxury watches designed and manufactured in Switzerland, a country with three official languages, it’s hard to know whether you’re supposed to be using French, German, Italian pronunciation—or something else entirely.

    Luxury Watch Brand

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    Luxury Watch Brand Pronunciation

    The following is a guide on how to pronounce luxury watch brand names:

    A. Lange & Sohne — [AY Lan-ge und Zhuh-ne]  If you really want to show off, pronounce that ampersand as "und" to show you know it's German, because this is Uhrmacherkunst at its best: based in the legendary watchmaking village of Glashütte in Saxony.

    Audemars Piguet — [Awe-de-mahr PEE-gay] This family-run firm is based in the Joux Valley, a French-speaking section of Switzerland.

    Baume & Mercier — [Bom aye mare-see-aye] This Geneva-based brand follows the French pronunciation, so remember that the ampersand stands in for the French “et.”

    Bovet — [Boo-vay] Named for its Fleurier-born founder, who learned his trade in the French-speaking Val-de-Travers section of Switzerland.

    Breitling — [Bright-ling] That was easy, wasn’t it?

    Bremont — [BRAY-mon] It may be a British company founded by two brothers whose last name is English, but the pronunciation is pure French.

    Blancpain — [Blahn-peh]  Pronounced the French way because it’s based in Switzerland’s French-speaking Joux Valley.

    Buccellati — [Bow-sel-la-tee] As Italian as the Teatro alla Scala.

    Bulgari — [Bul-ge-ree] You’ll also see it spelled “Bvlgari” in imitation of ancient Roman script—but it’s still pronounced the same way.

    Cartier — [Kar-tee-ay] Founded in Paris and pronounced accordingly.

    Chaumet — [Shaw-may] Founded in Paris and pronounced accordingly.

    Chopard — [Sho-parr] Swiss watchmaker, French pronunciation.

    De Grisogono — [Dee Greez-o-go-no] The Swiss maison founded by an Italian of Lebanese heritage.

    Franck Muller — [Frahnk Mool-ler] Geneva headquarters, German pronunciation.

    Gérald Genta — [Zher-rahld ZHEN-ta] Even if you’re not buying one of his brands, you’ll hear a lot about this legendary Geneva-based watchmaker with the French name who sold his company to Bulgari and then started a new company called Gérald Charles [Zher-rahld Sharl].

    Girard-Perregaux — [Jher-arr Pair-a-go]  French pronunciation for this Swiss horologer that dates back to 1791.

    Glashütte — [Glass-hoo-tuh] Named for its location in the Saxon village known as the center of German horology.

    H. Moser & Cie — [Mozer aye say] That H. stands for Heinrich, the Schaffhausen-born, 19th-century watchmaker who founded this Swiss firm, so the proper name follows German pronunciation and the remainder of the brand title follows French pronunciation.

    Hublot — [Hew-blow] A Swiss company founded under a French name by an Italian watchmaker.

    Jaquet Droz — [Jock-aye DRO] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre — [Jhe-jher Le Cool-tre] You’ll also hear “Yay-ger” and “Zhay-zher” for the first part of that name.

    Longines — [Lon-gene] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    Maurice Lacroix — [Mar-reece La-kwa] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    Montblanc — [Mon-blahn] Practice your nasal vowels.

    Officine Panerai — [O-fi-chee-nay Pan-er-aye] Swiss mechanics, Italian aesthetic, and Italian name.

    Parmigiani Fleurier — [Parr-mee-zhe-an-ee Flur-ee-ay] Pronounce the first part with an Italian accent and the second part with a French accent.

    Patek Philippe — [Pah-tek Feel-lipe] Luckily, “Calatrava” and “Nautilus” are even easier to say.

    Perrelet — [Pair-re-lay] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    Piaget — [PEE-a-zhay] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    Roger Dubuis — [Row-zhay DU-bwee] French pronunciation, Swiss company.

    TAG Heuer — [Tag Houy-er] The first part is easy for English speakers. The second part, not so much.

    Vacheron Constantin — [Vach-er-on Kon-stan-tan]

    Zenith — [Zen-ith] Never “Zeen-ith.”

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