Cushion Cut Diamonds Explained

    Perhaps you are shopping for an engagement ring or just curious about the hype around cushion cut diamonds. This dazzling diamond shape is a big favorite among celebrities at the moment. Our experts explain what a cushion cut diamond is, how to buy them and how to sell them.

    Cushion Cut Diamonds

    Get answers to the following cushion cut diamond questions:

    What Are Cushion Cut Diamonds?

    The cushion cut diamond is rectangular or square in shape with rounded edges. Also known as “pillow-cut”, the name took inspiration from the cut looking like a pillow. This elegant, yet soft looking cut has been around for the last 200 years, making it a classic and frequently used in engagement rings.

    While the round brilliant cut diamond remains the most in demand shape, other popular choices include: princess, cushion and oval.

    With an average of 58 to 64 facets, cushion cut diamonds are one of the most scintillating cuts in the market today. It boasts great fire (the flashes of color when the diamond is brought under light) although a round cut diamond is better in terms of brilliance (the amount of white light reflected back). The numerous facets also make the cut a unique choice.

    Famous Cushion Cut Diamonds

    • The Hope Diamond - Donated by Harry Winston to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, the blue 45.52 ct Hope Diamond originally hails from India. It is currently the most visited exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution. With a rich and varied history, the Hope has been owned by both French royalty and American socialites throughout the years, but also has the reputation of being cursed.
    • The Regent Diamond – Rumor has it that this 410 ct diamond originally belonged to a slave in the Guntur district of Andhara Pradesh, India in 1698. According to this story, it was then stolen from him by an English sea captain.
    • Yellow Tiffany Diamond – Weighing 128.54 carats, this yellow cushion cut diamond is one of the largest fancy-colored diamonds discovered to date. Audrey Hepburn wore the precious stone in promotion of the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and was one of only two women to ever wear it.

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    Tips For Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

    The most valuable part of an engagement ring is the center diamond. Understanding the 4 C’s is essential when it comes to purchasing or selling a cushion cut diamond. These are:

    • Color Grade: In white diamonds, diamond color refers to the presence or lack of yellow/brown tones. This ranges from a D-Z, with D being colorless and Z being light yellow. The lack of color is favored in white diamonds, so we typically recommend opting for H-grade or better, as cushion cuts show color more strongly than other cuts. For this reason, along with radiant cut diamonds, they are a popular cut for colored diamonds.
    • Clarity Grade: This refers to the presence or lack of flaws in the stone. We recommend a clarity grade of SI1 or better when purchasing a cushion cut diamond. The reason being is that cushion cuts have a large, open table, making it any flaws in the diamond table particularly visible.
    • Carat Weight: Abbreviated to ct, carat weight refers to how heavy the stone is, which of course affects how large the diamond looks. One carat is approximately 0.02g. The larger the carat weight, the more valuable the stone.
    • Cut Grade: While the term “cushion cut” refers to the shape of the stone, the cut grade refers to the cut quality and the proportions of the stone. A well-cut stone will fetch higher prices both when buying and selling.

    Of course, there is always an element of personal taste and personal preference when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. Consider the length to width ratio: are you looking for a classic cushion, more chunky cushions or more rectangular shapes?

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    The Cushion Cut Diamond Today

    Cushion cut diamonds remain one of the most commonly used stones in engagement rings today. This pillow-shaped cut is an elegant symbol of love. It was featured as Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring in the movie “The Great Gatsby” and is also a favorite among celebrities’ engagement rings. Molly Sims, Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus are among the celebrities who have owned cushion cut diamond rings.

    Where To Sell Cushion Cut Diamonds?

    There are a variety of ways in which to sell a cushion cut diamond. However, it is important to assess each option and see which most suits your needs.

    • Pawnshop – Selling to a pawnshop is certainly a quick way to sell, however, you will not be selling to diamond experts who can accurately grade your stone. Therefore you will very likely undersell your diamond.
    • Non-specialist diamond websites – Websites such as eBay or Craigslist enable you to sell your reach a larger audience when selling your diamond. As much as details and photos are easy to attach, the downside of using this platform is that you will have to price the diamonds yourself and don’t benefit from any expert diamond knowledge. Some jewelers look for gems in these websites, knowing that it is possible to find expensive stones sold at a much lower price by an ill-informed seller.
    • Auction House – Auction houses will have diamond experts on hand to advise on price. However, there is no guarantee that your stone will sell, auctions are held in frequently and the house will take a percentage of sale price.
    • Jewelers (on consignment) – The advantage of selling a diamond on consignment is that it will sell closer to the retail price. However, it is only advised for those not concerned about how long it will take to sell their diamond. Furthermore, the jeweler will charge a commission once it sells.
    • Online Diamond Buyers – myGemma is a great way to sell your diamond quickly, safely and for a competitive price. You can have cash within as little as 24 hours of filling out our online form. As expert diamond buyers, we know how to accurately value your cushion cut diamond based on the secondhand market. We have an easy online process but you can schedule an appointment in one of our many locations: New York, London (UK), and Birmingham (UK).