Where to Buy Repossi Jewelry

The luxury jewelry world has become captivated by Repossi jewelry and its visionary designer, Gaia Repossi. If you are enchanted by this Italian jewelry house’s delicate designs and want to know where to buy your own Repossi jewelry, Gemma by WP Diamonds is here to solve all of your luxury jewelry needs.

Repossi Jewelry


The luxury jewelry world has become captivated by Repossi jewelry and its visionary designer, Gaia Repossi. If you are enchanted by this Italian jewelry house’s delicate designs and want to know where to buy your own Repossi jewelry, myGemma is here to solve all of your luxury jewelry needs.

Where To Buy Repossi Jewelry

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Benefits Of Shopping Pre-Owned Repossi Jewelry

Buying pre-owned luxury jewelry is a fantastic option for today’s eco-friendly fashionista as your purchase did not contribute to harmful mining practices. Unfortunately, mining for diamonds and precious metals creates toxic waste, harming the surrounding ecosystem. By shopping pre-owned, your purchase reduces the need for more materials to be mined while extending the life of existing jewelry.

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History Of Repossi Jewelry

Repossi was founded by Gian Petro Repossi in 1920 in Turin, Italy and has since remained a family owned jewelry house. Sophisticated designs and sculptural shapes inspired by architecture are at the core of Repossi’s identity. Repossi jewelry is easily identifiable thanks to their minimalist aesthetic and statement pieces.

At the helm of Repossi’s creative team is Gaia Repossi who was drawn to the arts at a young age and was inspired by her father’s artistic passion. Gaia studied painting, archeology and anthropology, submitting her first design to the jewelry house when she was 19. She unified her passion for contemporary art and modern architecture with high jewelry techniques for a captivating style.

Influenced by Repossi’s heritage and her artistic background, Gaia was appointed as Repossi’s Creative and Artistic Director at the age of 21, bringing the jewelry house into a new direction. Gaia’s designs quickly brought attention to Repossi, earning her the title of jewelry designer of the year from ELLE UK in 2013. From collaborations with Alexander Wang and the Jeu de Paume in Paris, Gaia’s artistic prowess has brought Repossi to the forefront of the luxury jewelry scene.

Repossi Jewelry Style

Since its founding, Repossi has blended artistic and technical designs in their jewelry. Each Repossi descent has shaped the jewelry house through their artistic preferences such as Costantino Repossi’s affinity for Art Deco and Avant-Garde styles. Gaia’s greatest influences have been modern architecture, sculptural shapes and tribal societies. Above all, Gaia believes that jewelry lives with its wearer, rather than just being a decoration. When worn, Repossi jewelry takes on interesting proportions without ever being obtrusive. From spiraling metals, stacks of rows and diamond accents, Repossi jewelry effortlessly elevates any outfit.

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