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Pink Diamond Jewelry

With their romantic hues and limited supply, it’s no wonder people are fascinated with fancy pink diamond jewelry. Keep reading to learn where pink diamonds are found, what gives them their distinctive color and how to buy affordable pink diamond jewelry of your own.

Pink Diamond Jewelry


Pink Diamond Jewelry

Is there anything more beautiful than dazzling diamond jewelry? What about diamond jewelry showcasing one of the rarest colored diamonds? With their romantic hues and limited supply, it’s no wonder people are fascinated with fancy pink diamond jewelry. Keep reading to learn where pink diamonds are found, what gives them their distinctive color and how to buy affordable pink diamond jewelry of your own.

Where Are Pink Diamonds Found?

Fancy pink diamonds have been found all over the world: Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Canada and Tanzania to name a few. However, 90% of the world’s fancy pink diamonds are found in Australia’s Argyle Mine. Annually, the Argyle mine produces 20 million carats of raw diamonds, however only 0.1% are fancy pink diamonds suitable for jewelry. In other words, for every million carats of rough diamonds mined, only one carat of fancy pink diamonds is useable.

Since the Argyle Mined opened in 1985, they have produced over 800 million carats of rough diamonds. The mine produces predominantly fancy brown diamonds and fancy yellow diamonds with only a handful of pink diamonds mined per year. Unfortunately, the Argyle Mine is scheduled to close in 2020 because of its dwindling supply of diamonds. As the main global producer of fancy pink diamonds, this will drastically impact the quantity of new pink diamonds entering the market.

What Makes A Pink Diamond Pink?

Many fancy colored diamonds get their color from impurities present during their formation process, for example nitrogen creates fancy yellow diamonds and boron creates fancy blue diamonds. While we do not know for sure what causes the pink color, a popular theory is that the color is the result of deformities in the diamonds’ crystal lattice structure. Fancy pink diamonds come in an array of color intensities ranging from fancy light to fancy vivid, they can also have secondary colors such as purplish pink or orangy pink.

Famous Pink Diamond Jewelry

Below are some of the most astounding pieces of fancy pink diamond jewelry worthy of their own Pinterest inspiration board.

  • The Pink Star: This fancy pink diamond was mined by De Beers in 1999, weighing an outstanding 132.5 ct. rough. After 20 months of cutting, this oval diamond became known as the Steinmetz Pink. In 2013, this diamond was bid on for $83 million by diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, who renamed the stone the Pink Dream. However, Wolf defaulted on payments and in 2017 the diamond was bought by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises for $71.2 million. They soon renamed the stone the Pink Star and mounted it in a ring.
  • The Graff Pink: When owned by Harry Winston, this emerald cut diamond weighed 24.78 ct. In 2010 this diamond was bought by Laurence Graff for $46 million who named it the Graff Pink. After Graff removed imperfections in the stone, the diamond weighed 23.88 ct. and was graded a type IIa diamond, placing it in the top 2% of the world’s diamonds devoid of impurities. Today, the Graff diamond is set on a platinum ring with two triangular cut side stones.
  • The Sweet Josephine Diamond: This 16.08 ct. cushion cut diamond was sold to Joseph Lau in 2015, who named it the Sweet Josephine Diamond after his daughter, Josephine. A type IIa diamond, it surpassed its projected sale price of $23 million selling for an outstanding $28.5 million. Currently, the Sweet Josephine Diamond sits on a ring with a double halo and pave band.
  • The Williamson Pink Diamond: Discovered by geologist John Williamson in 1947, Williamson gifted the raw 54.5 ct. fancy pink diamond to Queen Elizabeth II for her wedding. Cartier was commissioned to create a setting for the diamond, cutting it into a 23.6 ct. round which became the center of a flower shaped broach, surrounded by 5 petals made of white diamonds.
  • Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring: Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 with a 6.1 ct. pink diamond radiant cut engagement ring. This Harry Winston ring was valued at $2.5 million and ignited a fancy colored diamond craze among celebrities. Four days before the two were to be married, Affleck called off the wedding.
  • Victoria Beckham’s Engagement Rings: Throughout her marriage, Victoria Beckham has received 14 breathtaking engagement rings from David Beckham that she regularly rotates to suit her outfit. Her 4th engagement ring is a pink oval in a halo setting, reported to be worth $1.1 million. Victoria’s 11th engagement ring is another pink oval ring set on a yellow gold pave band.


How To Buy Pink Diamond Jewelry

For those craving pink diamond jewelry of their own, check out our top buying tips:

  • Always buy a GIA certified pink diamond. The GIA is the world’s leading diamond laboratory, it is the most trusted in the industry and boasts exceptionally accurate grading. With a GIA certificate, you can be confident that you are buying an authentic pink diamond and know its exact characteristics.
  • If having a natural pink diamond is not important for you, you may consider buying a synthetic or artificially enhanced pink diamond. This way, you can have a richly colored pink diamond that costs thousands to millions of dollars less than its natural counterpart.

Where To Buy Affordable Pink Engagement Rings:

As an aspiring pink diamond jewelry owner on a budget, there are plenty of fantastic gemstone alternatives to select from. At myGemma we carry a wide selection of pink gemstone jewelry that will delight any pink diamond jewelry lover. From pink sapphire engagement rings to morganite pendants to rhodolite accents, pink gemstone jewelry is always affordable at myGemma. Shop pink jewelry creations from your favorite brands, including Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Bucherer, at up to 80% off retail. It’s easy to see why customers love our fantastic discounts, genuine luxury jewelry and outstanding customer service.

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