What Is A Celebration Cut Diamond?

While perusing the internet for your perfect diamond, you may have come across Celebration cut diamonds. But what is a Celebration cut diamond? Celebration cut diamonds are exclusive to one of the major big box jewelry stores and are crafted with unique faceting. Keep reading as our gemologists take a close look at Celebration cuts, discuss their features, value and the best places to buy and sell them.

What Is A Celebration Cut Diamond?

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What Is A Celebration Cut Diamond?

Celebration cut diamonds are one of Zales’ signature collections and have a specific faceting style. All Celebration diamonds are cut to Zales’ ideal standards with select round diamonds receiving unique modifications to further enhance their glamour.

Celebration Cut Diamond?

While the Celebration collection mainly consists of engagement rings, there are several diamond earrings, pendants and ring enhancers for those who cannot get enough of the Celebration’s style.

What Is Unique About Celebration Cut Diamonds?

Why would someone pick a Celebration cut diamond over a traditional diamond? In addition to offering an array of settings and diamond shapes, the Celebration collection contains three subseries with their own benefits:

  • Celebration Ideal:The majority of the Celebration collection is comprised of Celebration Ideal jewelry which feature diamonds of various shapes cut to Zales’ ideal standards. When diamonds are poorly cut, light escapes from the sides and bottom from the diamond, making the diamond appear dull. Conversely, diamonds that are well cut better reflect light and appear more vibrant.
  • Celebration Grand: Zales’ Celebration Grand diamonds closely resemble traditionally cut round diamonds but are formed with a larger surface area to capture and reflect more light.
  • Celebration Lux: Lastly, Celebration Lux diamonds are modified round diamonds cut with 102 facets, as opposed to round diamond’s standard 58 facets. Zales does this to maximize the diamond’s sparkle.

Where Are Celebration Cut Diamonds Worth?

As Celebration cut diamonds are exclusive to Zales, there is a limited market willing to buy these diamonds. Unfortunately, branded cuts from big box jewelers are not as saleable on the second-hard market in comparison to unbranded diamonds or specialty diamond cuts from premier luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co.

What Is A Celebration Cut Diamond?

Zales sells their jewelry at premium prices due to high marketing costs coupled with premium store locations. But the truth is that you can find superior diamonds elsewhere at cheaper prices. As diamond buyers are not able to account for the substantial markup’s jewelry stores place on their diamonds, they can only offer on the diamond’s secondhand market value. The value of your Celebration cut diamond will be dependent on its 4C’s which are universally used diamond grading criteria. The 4C’s include:

  • Carat Weight: Denotes how much your diamond weighs in carats, commonly abbreviated to ct. If your jewelry features multiple diamonds, be sure to include the total carat weight as well as the weight of the largest diamond.
  • Clarity Grade: Refers to the amount of internal and external flaws in your diamond, graded from a scale of FL (flawless) to I3 (visibly flawed).
  • Color Grade: Indicates how much color your diamond displays from a scale of D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).
  • Cut Grade: Details how well cut and symmetrical a round diamond is on a scale from Excellent to Poor. Keep in mind that fancy cut diamonds (i.e. any shape other than a round), do not have official cut grades.

You can find the 4C’s for your Celebration diamond on the paperwork that came with the jewelry when purchased, such as a report from a diamond grading lab. If you do not have any paperwork, you can meet with a local jeweler to get a rough idea of your diamond’s characteristics.

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Where Can I Sell Celebration Cut Diamonds?

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