What Are Diamond Cavities?

Cavities are a type of imperfection that can appear on your diamond and influence its clarity. Keep reading as we explain just what diamond cavities are, how cavities are formed, how they affect diamonds and how you can treat cavities.

What Are Diamond Cavities?

While you may have mastered the 4 C’s, diamond fluorescence and the difference between a cz and a diamond, have you heard about diamond cavities? If you are asking yourself “what are diamond cavities?”, you are not alone.

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What Are Diamond Cavities?

An inclusion is an imperfection inside a diamond or on its surface, and cavities are a type of inclusion. Other types include feathers, clouds, crystals and knots. Depending on their location and severity of the inclusion, these will influence your diamond’s clarity grade.

what are diamond cavities
Just like a cavity in a tooth, a diamond cavity is a crevasse in the diamond. A cavity can form anywhere on a diamond and vary in size. Small cavities, for example, need 10X magnification to be seen, while large cavities can be seen with the naked eye. If you have an official diamond grading report, such as one from the GIA, you can reference the plot chart to see if your diamond has any cavities as well as any other inclusions.

How Are Diamond Cavities Formed?

Diamond cavities can form naturally or be man-made. Natural cavities occur when a different type of inclusion, such as a crystal, gets dislodged during the stone’s ascension to the earth’s surface. When hit with a great force, the original inclusion may fall out and leave a jagged indentation in its place.

Man-made cavities can form during the polishing process when an inclusion gets dislodged from the diamond, resulting in a hole. Another type of man-made cavity can form when the diamond cutter deliberately creates a cavity to remove a large, dark inclusion in a diamond. If a diamond cutter was to remove the cavity, they would need to sacrifice carat weight. This is not a profitable choice as many people prefer to buy larger diamonds.

How Do Cavities Affect Diamonds?

Depending on the number of cavities as well as their size and location, they will impact a diamond’s clarity grade. Dirt, oil and grime can accumulate within a cavity, making the spot darken over time. This of course has a negative impact on price.

What are Diamond Cavities?
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How Are Diamond Cavities Treated?

If you have a diamond with a cavity, you may be wondering how to treat it. Diamonds can receive artificial treatments to improve various aspects of their clarity, including cavities. Below are two options for treating cavities:

  1. Deep Boiling:The diamond will be boiled in an acidic solution while under great pressure. This treatment is most effective for cavities near the surface of the diamond and have darkened with grime. This process removes the accumulated grime and is the only clarity enhancement that is authorized by the GIA.
  2. Fracture Filling: The cavity will be filled with a glass-like substance. The drawback to this treatment is that the diamond can no longer be considered natural, thereby lowering its value in comparison to its fully natural counterparts.

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