The Rise Of Divorce Parties

With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, getting divorced is no longer considered a cultural taboo. After singing the final paperwork, many people are now opting to celebrate their single status with a divorce party. Divorce parties are a growing trend as more people choose to celebrate the newest chapter of their life, instead of grieving the closing of a chapter. Keep reading to learn all about divorce parties and how to throw one of your own.

Divorce Parties

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What Are Divorce Parties?

We throw parties to celebrate major life events such as birthdays, graduations and weddings; so why not divorce? Whether you want to burn your wedding dress, tear up your marriage certificate or drink wine all night with your closest friends, divorce parties celebrate new beginnings.

Divorce Parties

Celebrities such as Shanna Moakler and Robin Thick have even thrown their own lavish divorce parties. But not all divorce parties involve burning pictures of your ex, singers Jake White and Karen Elson had an amicable split and hosted a joint divorce party, to “celebrate the making and breaking of the sacred union of marriage.”

How Did Divorce Parties Start?

We can thank Christine Gallagher for the rise of divorce parties. In 2003, Christine threw a party to cheer up a friend who was left by her fiancé. The party was so therapeutic for her friend that it inspired Christine to write a divorce party planning manual and eventually became an official divorce party planner.

Benefits Of Divorce Parties

  • Mark the end of an era: Whether your divorce was amicable or not, after all of the emotions, time and money that goes into getting a divorce, signing the divorce papers can feel like a momentous moment. Divorce parties mark the end of your divorce and former married life, and can feel like a moment worth celebrating.
  • Celebrate new beginnings: This is the perfect time to start over and look to the future. Ultimately, new beginnings are always a good reason to throw a party!
  • Positivity: A divorce party is a great way to bring some positivity to what is often a negative situation. Relationship expert Jane Greer explained that, “It’s a good thing to celebrate your new sense of freedom, autonomy, and identity.”
  • Show support: Some people may feel lonely and at a loss after signing their divorce papers. Throwing a divorce party is a great way for friends and family to show their love and support. Uplifting and empowering new divorcees by surrounding them with loved ones.

How To Throw A Divorce Party?

While there are no divorce party handbooks, planning divorce parties does take some consideration:

  • Time: Will you have your divorce party in the middle of your divorce process, the evening you sign your divorce papers, or after a few weeks after having some time for yourself?
  • Scale: Are you thinking about having a small get together or a big blow out?
  • Location: Will you hold your divorce party at home, in a spa with complimentary mani pedis or at a favorite restaurant? Some divorcees have even opted to rent out a wedding hall!
  • Guest List: It is generally not a good idea to invite your children, anyone who disagrees with your divorce or nay-sayers of divorce parties.
  • Food and Drinks: Some divorce parties have included mock wedding cakes with miniature bride cake toppers pushing grooms off the cake. Other have included divorce cakes that proclaim, “I do, I did, I’m done!”
  • Entertainment: Some divorce parties can feel a lot like a bachelorette party. You may consider hiring a DJ or plan divorce themed games.
  • Tone: Do consider the tone of your party and be sure not to offend anyone in the process. While a divorce party should encourage celebration, that does not mean it should vilify the ex partner.
  • Social Media: While some opt to keep the event off of social media, others embrace social media and including the #divorceparty hashtag.

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Rise of Divorce Parties

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