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The Best Of: Golden Goose Sneakers

Sneakers were made for activities; whether it’s a team sport, a hike or discovering a new neighborhood by foot. While box-fresh sneakers have a special place in sneaker aficionados' hearts, the distressed-style sneakers on the market are making themselves known. One brand in particular is the king of all distressed sneaker brands: Golden Goose. These are the five best Golden Goose sneakers.

golden goose sneakers


Over the past few years, a new trend has emerged: distressed sneakers. Designed to look like they’ve been worn for years, they are the opposite of box-fresh sneakers and they are therefore perfect for people who prefer a more casual style or don’t want to be precious about their footwear. Golden Goose has mastered the art of creating sneakers with distressed elements, from scuffs to frayed edges for luxury with a hint of grunge. With a mix of different styles on offer, this guide will help you choose the right style for your look.

About Golden Goose

Since 2000, Venice-based brand Golden Goose has put its own stamp on the fashion landscape. Founded by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, the Italian brand is renowned for its subversive take on sneakers. The brand’s signature twist is to add a distressed effect to its sneakers, creating a love-worn aesthetic and a vintage feel.

The brand puts focus on traditional craftsmanship by infusing the sneakers with manual details for a unique look. A contemporary brand for the everyday, the reason why Golden Goose sneakers have a scuffed-up design is for practicality and a not too put-together look for those who prefer a more casual look. After all, distressed sneakers are much easier to look after. One of the brand’s goals is to provide longevity and a new approach to timelessness, by encouraging a look that doesn't speak to a constant need for newness.

Golden Goose sneakers

What Are The Best Golden Goose Sneakers?

  1. Super-Star sneakers
  2. Ball Star sneakers
  3. Mid Star sneakers
  4. Francy sneakers
  5. Slide sneakers

1. Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers

The Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers were launched in 2007 and were the first pair to feature the GGDB star motif on the side. This model is recognized as one of the brand’s most iconic designs, thanks to its timeless, sleek silhouette, updated with hallmark embellishments. The low-top pair features a round toe, flat rubber sole, star patch on the side, and logo lettering on the tongue and side.

2. Golden Goose Ball Star sneakers

Rooted in ‘80s basketball style and in a parallel world, the skateboard scene, the Ball Star sneakers from Golden Goose have a nostalgic air. The model echoes the Super-Star design, with the star patch on the side and logo detailing. They are complete with perforations on the toe box for a classic sporty look.

3. Golden Goose Mid Star sneakers

Made in Italy, the Mid Star sneakers from Golden Goose have, as the name suggests a mid-top profile. Boasting the signature distressed aesthetic, the pair is complete with eyelets on the side for aeration. 

4. Golden Goose Francy sneakers

The ‘70s and basketball are the main sources of inspiration from the Francy sneakers from Golden Goose. The high-top pair are updated in a variety of styles, showcasing the brand’s penchant for creative flair. The Francy sneakers feature a zip fastening down the inner side for ease.

5. Golden Goose Slide sneakers

Designed to be as cool in Venice, Italy as they are at the promenade on Venice Beach, CA, the Slide sneakers offer versatility. Imbuing the very essence of Golden Goose, the Slide sneakers maintain the distressed look and have a retro feel that belongs as much in the present day as in a vintage photograph from the ‘70s.

Where To Buy Golden Goose Sneakers?

When buying distressed-effect sneakers, it is important to remember that they are designed to look old and worn-in. It doesn't mean that they are in a bad condition, as they are made to look as such.

For authenticated resale, myGemma offers an array of luxury and designer accessories, with sneakers on offer from brands such as Golden Goose. Our army of authenticators help to ensure that each and every piece is authentic, so you can shop with confidence. 

Not only is shopping pre-owned better for your wallet, but it's a better choice for the planet, too.

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