Top 5 Sneakers For Women

Among industry insiders, it's well-known that women have the most frustrating and limited sneaker selection. Historically, it either doesn't come in women's sizing, or the colors are not targeted to women (aka more than just a pink option). Fortunately, women's sneakers are being seen as an essential part of the sneaker market with more versions, color ranges, and sizes coming out every season. Below, our Head of Sneakers shares her list of the top sneakers for women from classic sneakers to unique designer shoes.

Top Sneakers For Women

What Are The Top Sneakers For Women?

  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
  2. Nike Dunk
  3. Balenciaga Speed Trainer
  4. Nike Air Max 1
  5. New Balance 990 V5
Chuck Taylor All-Stars

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Average Retail Price: $55

Originally designed in the 1920s as a basketball shoe is the Chuck Taylor All-Star. Ahead of the times, Converse included women's sizing on their shoes for years ahead of everyone else. The overall marketing for this iconic sneaker was as a unisex shoe that offered both support and durability.

Converse has actively collaborated and created designs appealing to men and women alike, for women especially the Comme des Garçon Play Chuck Taylor’s have become a staple in closets of fashion-forward women around the world.

In prints of every color and combination imaginable, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars are a great basic that can be found in some variation to suit every style.

Dunk Sneakers

2. Nike Dunk

Average Retail Price: $100

Originally a basketball shoe of the 1980s, Nike Dunks are back in even greater popularity today and rank high on our list of the top sneakers for women. The designer, Peter Moore, took inspiration for this sleek sneaker from the Nike Air Force 1.

Debuting both iconic retro colorways and fresh, new ones, it's possible to find a pair of Nike Dunks for both bold and more neutral tastes. Many women became collectors of sneakers to have multiple colorways of this fun and comfortable shoe. Not only did they retro past iconic colors but they also added quite a few new colors this year. Women can now find any color dunk to match any outfit.

The Dunk continues to be a staple sneaker for women and with all the new releases, it's not impossible to collect them all.

Speed Trainers

3. Balenciaga Speed Trainer

Average Retail Price: $795

Other luxury brands aspire to Balenciaga's status of coveted sneakers. Able to compete with OG sneaker brands, Balenciaga's Speed Trainers are especially popular. The shoe's slip-on style makes it extra comfortable for everyday wear and unique amongst other sneaker designs since its debut in 2016.

Often called the 'sock sneaker', it comes in a variety of colors (including metallic!) and high/low ankle lengths. For those wanting a more obvious logo, some have Balenciaga emblazoned all over, while those wanting a more understated look can opt for the originals with a small logo on the outside right. Current season ones feature the infamous sock design with laces for added versatility and comfort.

Despite the shoe's high price tag, these are quality sneakers that elevate a casual look and belong in every woman's sneaker collection. If you see a pair you like in your size, grab them as they're often sold out!

Air Max 1

4. Nike Air Max 1

Average Retail Price: $150

Architect Tinker Hatfield is the brains behind this sneaker design. His inspiration derived from the controversial building, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Its industrial and bulky features are a stark contrast to the more traditional French architecture. This is why part of the sole is exposed on these shoes, showcasing the patented Nike Air technology cushions.

Since its release in 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 is a beloved silhouette by all. For women specifically, Nike has invested in releasing new aesthetically pleasing colorways every season. Not only are these shoes pretty to look at, but the technology put into them makes them incredibly comfortable as well, solidifying their status as a shoe for every woman's lifestyle.

NB 990 V5 Sneakers

5. New Balance 990 V5

Average Retail Price: $185

A shoe made for everyone, especially for women. Unlike their competitors New Balance's designs are inclusive of every sized foot. Whether you require a wider or narrower foot, neutral or bold colorway, want a shoe for commuting or to complete an outfit, this sneaker is for you. In fact, the more you wear it, the better it looks as it is broken in!

Debuting in 1982, the original 990 version made history as the first sneaker to ever retail at $100. Designed to be a running shoe, it surged in popularity as a lifestyle sneaker due to its durability for constant wear.

The version our Head of Sneaker ranks in the top sneakers for women list is the 990 V5 version, that came out in 2019. This edition became a staple of normcore: a style that lacks extravagance and frills and focuses more on a simple and sleek aesthetic.

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