Sell Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery

Whether you are minimizing your arsenal of accessories, revitalizing your style or parting with bad memories, there are plenty of reasons why you may have decided to sell Ecrou de Cartier jewellery. As Cartier jewellery is sold at premium prices, you want to ensure that you sell to a reputable luxury jewellery buyer who can offer you honest and competitive prices.

Sell Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery

Keep reading as we show you how to quickly, easily and safely sell Ecrou de Cartier jewellery for most money.

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About Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery

Cartier is known for making the ordinary extraordinary with their fanciful creations, and the Ecrou de Cartier jewellery collection is no exception. Cartier turns industrial tools luxurious with the Ecrou de Cartier which fashions golden lug nuts onto a discrete spiral bracelet. Each piece is composed of six lug nuts that effortlessly spin on the bracelet’s grooves. Select pieces have baguette cut diamonds mounted within the lug nuts for a surprisingly sophisticated union. Tactile and elegant, Ecrou de Cartier pushes limits of what defines luxury jewellery.


What Is My Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery Worth?

Before you can sell Ecrou de Cartier jewellery you will want an idea of its worth. The value of your jewellery is based on the following factors:

  • Type: This collection includes bracelets, rings and earrings.
  • Diamonds: Select pieces from this series feature baguette cut diamonds, be sure to indicate the total carat weight of your jewellery.
  • Condition: The condition of your jewellery will either benefit or hinder its value. For instance, if you have kept your Cartier jewellery in great condition with only minor signs of wear, your offer will be higher. Conversely, serious damage, broken hinges or missing diamonds will detract from its value.
  • Box and Papers: When selling jewellery from a luxury brand like Cartier, you can increase your offer when selling the jewellery with its original box and papers in good condition.

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Where To Sell Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery?

Next up, you will want to find the best Cartier jewellery buyer. There are endless buyers who can evaluate your jewellery, but to save you time, we have compiled a list of the most popular luxury jewellery buyers:

  • Pawnshops: A quick selling option marred by low cash payouts.
  • Hatton Garden: Located in the heart of London, Hatton Garden houses many luxury jewellery buyers. However, Hatton Garden can quickly become a stressful environment with some buyers using high pressure sales tactics.
  • Online Ads: From eBay to Facebook to Craigslist, there are plenty of platforms where you can create an online ad for your jewellery. While you do get to pick the selling price, it could take months for your jewellery to sell, if it ever sells at all. You must also remain cautious of online scammers and platforms with high selling fees.
  • Auction: While the auction house will take over the selling process for you, auctions are held infrequently meaning that you must be willing to wait months or years for your jewellery to sell. There is no guarantee that they will sell your jewellery and even if they do, they will take out a percentage of your jewellery’s earnings.
  • myGemma: Since 2012, myGemma has made selling designer jewellery, diamonds and luxury watches an easy and enjoyable process. As an international company, our global connections and buying power allow us to always provide our clients with competitive cash offers. You never have to wait in the dark wondering if your jewellery is safe, if you are getting the best price or when you will get paid. Safety and transparency are at the heart of our service, and we will keep you informed during every step in the process. Don’t just take our word for it, our service has earned us hundreds of fantastic reviews from satisfied clients.


Why Sell Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery To myGemma?

What makes myGemma the smarter and safer way to sell Ecrou de Cartier jewellery?

  • High-End Selling Process: Founded by jewellery industry veterans, myGemma was established to provide a discreet, secure and hassle-free selling process for luxury jewellery.
  • Sell Online or in Person: Depending on your preference, you can sell your jewellery online or in person at one of our modern and comfortable offices.
  • International: With offices in the UK, New York and Hong Kong, we work with hundreds of clients from around the world every day.
  • Dedicated Client Manager: All clients are paired with a dedicated client manager who will answer any questions you may have during the selling process and work to get you the highest prices on your jewellery.
  • Jewellery Experts: Our team of luxury jewellery experts have decades of industry experience and possess a thorough understanding of second-hand luxury market trends.
  • Secure: We provide all customers a safe, trackable and fully insured mailing label. Every square foot of our office is covered by cameras, so you can rest assured that your jewellery is always safe.
  • Fast: Our selling process is so fast that you can enjoy payment for your unwanted jewellery in as little as 48 hours.
  • Free: From the moment you inquire to the moment you get paid; our service is always free. Even if you decline our offer, we will return your jewellery to you for free.


How To Sell Ecrou de Cartier Jewellery

In just 5 steps you can sell Ecrou de Cartier jewellery to myGemma:

  1. Complete our simple online form.
  2. Receive your price quote.
  3. Request a free and secure mailing label to send in your jewellery or schedule an appointment at one of our offices.
  4. Get your final offer.
  5. Accept payment by bank transfer OR request to have your jewellery returned to you for free.

myGemma takes the stress out of selling luxury jewellery. Click the button below to start selling to the experts today.