How To Sell Diamond Bracelets

Deciding on how to sell preowned jewelry can be somewhat confusing, especially if it is the first time you are doing so. Whether you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry online or in person, there are numerous options available.

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Deciding on how to sell diamond bracelets can be somewhat confusing, especially if it is the first time you are doing so. Whether you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry online or in person, there are numerous options available.

How Can I Sell Diamond Bracelets?

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Receive a price quote
  3. Send your items in (free and fully insured shipping) or schedule an appointment'
  4. Get paid

Your very first step is to gather any information you have on your diamond bracelet. This includes any diamond and jewelry certificates or documents obtained when you purchased the piece. In doing so, you can provide the buyer with a complete understanding of the quality and value of your piece. Click the button below to start the process today and sell your diamond bracelet.

What If I Do Not Have Any Information On My Diamond Bracelet?

In the event that you have either lost these papers or were never given them in the first place, then it is recommended that you take your bracelet to a local jeweler. They can normally provide you with some basic information for no cost. Written appraisals tend to have to be paid for, so ask for a verbal appraisal which should be free of charge. The information that you need to know about your diamond jewelry is: the carat weight, the clarity as well as the color of the diamond(s).

Once you have this information you are ready to receive a valuation: fill out our online form today.

How Much Is My Diamond Bracelet Worth?

The value of your diamond bracelet will depend on the following features:

  • How many diamonds feature on the bracelet.
  • The quality of the diamonds i.e. the clarity, color and carat weight of the diamonds. If the bracelet solely features one stone, then the value will be attributed to the characteristics of that one diamond and any precious metals.
  • Whether the jewelry piece as a whole has value. For example, if the jewelry is from a luxury brand or if it is a particularly unique or rare piece. Your diamond bracelet might garner more value if it is an antique or vintage piece, but this is dependent on how rare it is and whether this form of jewelry is highly sought after in today’s diamond jewelry market. Diamond bracelets come in different shapes, sizes and styles, making it impossible to give a general value for diamond bracelets.

How And Where Do I Sell My Diamond Bracelet?

  • Auction: You may sell your diamond on online auction sites, however this is not always the best method if you wish to sell quickly and obtain the best price for it. Some specialists may use these sites to buy diamond jewelry and will be fully aware that many people undersell for lack of better understanding of the value of their piece. You may also choose to sell at an auction house, which is a great way to sell to specialist buyers, however these auction events do not take place very often and you may need to travel far. Both online auction sites and auction houses can take a considerable of time to sell your bracelet and there is no guarantee that it will sell at all.
  • Pawn: Pawning is a great way to receive cash for your diamond jewelry fast. However, if you then seek to re-obtain your diamond bracelet you will need to pay high interest prices on the loan that was given to you.
  • Sell to a jewelry store: Another option it to sell on consignment to a jewelry store. This is a relatively simple process, however the store will take a large cut of the value of your diamond bracelet and is a lengthy process that can takes months.
  • Sell to specialist buyers: This option ensures that you are selling your diamond bracelet to specialists in the field, who will have the best understanding of the value of your diamond bracelet. We recommend scheduling an appointment at one of US, Hong Kong or UK locations or selling online for a secure and fast experience with no hidden fees. Our diamond buyers are GIA trained professionals and can offer you the best possible price for your diamond bracelet. The entire selling process can take as little as 24 hours, with no fees or commissions deducted. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and high-end selling service, but don't just take our work for it, read our hundreds of online reviews. Fill out our online form today to receive your offer and discuss next steps.