How To Sell David Webb Jewelry

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How To Sell David Webb Jewelry

If you have been holding onto David Webb jewelry that you want to sell, we are here to guide you through the selling process. Keep reading as we show you how to sell David Webb jewelry easily, safely and for the best price.

About David Webb Jewelry

David Webb’s bold jewelry has captured the attention of jewelry lovers and socialites since his store first opened in 1948. David Webb perceived jewelry as art rather than just a commodity. He was inspired by the art of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese. Webb’s love of nature is reflected in his designs that celebrate rich colors and animal motifs. David Webb is well known for his incredibly detailed animal jewelry, featuring monkeys, tigers, dragons and more. Webb’s jewelry has long been loved among celebrities, including Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, the Rockefellers and Beyoncé.

How To Sell David Webb Jewelry?

  1. Gather information on your David Webb jewelry
  2. Find a reputable David Webb buyer
  3. Get a price quote
  4. Get a final price and get paid
how to sell david webb jewelry

1. Gather Information On Your David Webb Jewelry

When you want to sell David Webb jewelry, the first step in the selling process is gathering all the information you can about it. David Webb jewelry spans multiple jewelry categories and collections, so the more information you have about the piece, the easier time you will have getting a tight price quote for it.

There are a few ways that you can do this:

  • See if you still have the original box and paperwork that came with your David Webb jewelry upon its purchase. With this you can find the collection that your jewelry belongs to and information about its construction such its gold weight and gemstones. Having your David Webb jewelry’s box and papers also adds an additional layer of authenticity to David Webb jewelry buyers, which might even make you a higher offer.
  • If you do not have the original papers for your pieces and are unsure of its characteristics, don’t worry you can still sell your David Webb jewelry. Go to David Webb’s official website and try to find your specific piece. If you find the webpage for your exact piece of jewelry, you can then share this page with potential buyers who can assess its details.
  • Take photographs: As well as original paperwork and/or a link to the product page, taking photos of your item can also be very helpful.

2. Find A Reputable David Webb Buyer

The next step is to find a reputable David Webb jewelry buyer to safely and easily sell your jewelry to. Below are some of the most popular jewelry buyers.

Buyer Pros Cons
Pawnshops Local
Pays in cash
Does not employ designer jewelry experts with the necessary skills to evaluate your David Webb jewelry
Low, cautious due to their lack of in-depth industry knowledge
Auction Houses
Staffed with jewelry experts who can appropriately assess the value of your jewelry
No guarantee when or if your jewelry will sell
Certain websites will take a percentage of your earnings
Potential scammers
Online Ads, such as Facebook, eBay and Craigslist Traditional selling method for high value items
Jewelry expertise
Pricing jewelry without industry knowledge is difficult
No guarantee that your jewelry will sell
Some websites may take a percentage of your earnings
Potential scammers
myGemma Free
Designer jewelry experts
Strong prices
No hidden fees or commissions deducted
Sell online or by appointment
Limited locations for in-person appointments. myGemma hosts appointments in New York, Birmingham, London and Hong Kong. However, you can always sell your jewelry quickly and safely online.

To sell David Webb jewelry for the best possible price myGemma is here to help. We are expert designer jewelry buyers who are able to provide you with honest and competitive offers for your jewelry as well as diamonds and luxury watches.

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3. Get A Price Quote

Getting a price quote from myGemma is easy: complete our online form and our experts will be in touch with a price quote.

4. Get A Final Price And Get Paid

Now that you have a price quote, you are ready to get a firm offer and sell David Webb jewelry. We offer two convenient methods for getting a final evaluation and getting paid. Both options are entirely free, secure and fast.

Schedule an appointment: You may schedule an appointment at one of our comfortable and secure offices. We host appointments in New York, the UK, Tokyo and Hong Kong every Monday through Friday.

During your 30 minute appointment you will meet with one of our jewelry experts who will thoroughly evaluate your David Webb jewelry and provide you with a firm and competitive price offer. You may accept payment through wire, check or cash (in-person appointments only).

Send in your jewelry: We offer a secure, fully insured, trackable and overnight mailing service so you may send in your David Webb jewelry from the comfort of your home. When your jewelry arrives the following day, it will be opened on camera and you will be notified of its safe arrival.

After your jewelry is examined by our experts, we will contact your with a firm offer. You can accept payment by wire or check. If you choose not to accept our offer, there is no obligation to sell, so we are happy to do so free of charge.

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