Top 5 Most Popular Engagement Rings 2023

If you have been searching for your dream engagement ring or are thinking about upgrading your current ring, we have amassed a list of the top 5 most popular engagement rings to inspire you. Engagement rings are the ultimate embodiment of the love between you and your partner, so naturally you want a ring that reflects this. Check our list of the top 5 most popular engagement rings and discover what makes these rings so universally loved.

Most Popular Engagement Rings

What Are The Most Popular Engagement Rings In 2023?

  1. Tiffany Setting
  2. Sapphire Center Stone
  3. Three Stone Settings
  4. Oval Center Stones
  5. Pave band and halo setting

1. Tiffany Setting

There is no engagement ring style more beloved than the classic Tiffany Setting. This masterful engagement ring has ranked among the most popular engagement rings since designed by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1886. Previously, all engagement rings were constructed with bezel set diamonds, which only allowed the top of the gemstone’s to be visible. However, Charles Lewis Tiffany wanted to better display the exquisite qualities of his brand’s diamonds.

Top 5 Most Popular Engagement Rings

Tiffany set out to create an engagement ring setting with the least amount of metal obstructing his exceptional diamonds. With the Tiffany Setting, it appeared as if the diamond was floating above the band. Held by 6 minimal prongs, the diamond is elevated above the band, allowing it proudly be the focal point of the ring. With this revolutionary setting, light was also able to better pass through the diamond and enhance the diamond’s sparkle. As the Tiffany Setting has greatly influenced all subsequent engagement rings, it will easily become a timeless embodiment of your love.

2. Sapphire Center Stone

Thanks to celebrities like Kate Middleton and Elizabeth Hurley, sapphire engagement rings have become some of the most popular engagement rings. These gemstones are associated with qualities such as wisdom, honestly and royalty. It is therefore no wonder that they are fast becoming a popular choice for the modern bride. Sapphires are a 9 on the Mohs scale, closely following diamonds that are a 10, making them a gorgeous and durable engagement ring option. These gemstones can be found in an array of colors including orange, green and pink, but blue sapphires are the most desirable.

Kate Middleton’s stunning 12ct sapphire engagement ring with a diamond halo has captivated the world. Originally belonging to Princess Diana, many brides-to-be have been inspired by this engagement ring and embraced sapphire engagement rings for themselves. For every bride’s perfect “something blue,” look no further than a sapphire engagement ring.

3. Three Stone Settings

Also known as trilogy rings and trinity rings, three stone settings easily rank among the most popular engagement rings. They consist of three gemstones of varying sizes and designs. Traditionally, these rings are designed with a large center stone and two smaller size stones, but there are endless possibilities at your disposal.

Most Popular Engagement Rings

You may decide to design your three stone engagement ring with a large oval diamond and two baguettes, a princess center stone enclosed with trilliant cuts or even a brilliant diamond center stone with ruby side stones for a bold pop of color. The stones represent a couple’s past, present and future as well as the promise to always love, honor and cherish each other. With three stone engagement rings you can tell a story that’s as unique as your love.

4. Oval Center Stones

As an increasingly sought after style, oval center stones have began to once more rank among the most popular engagement ring styles. Oval engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who love the brilliance of round cut diamonds but are looking for something a little more unique. It’s no surprise that oval cut stones are coming back in fashion. Similarly to round diamonds, oval cuts are typically designed with 58 facets that work to reflect light through the stone. The oval cut also naturally maximizes a diamond’s surface area, creating the appearance of a larger diamond than a round diamond of the same carat weight. And best of all, oval diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds.

Oval engagement rings are also favored as they create the appearance of elongated fingers. Unlike other fancy shapes such as pears, princesses and marquises, ovals do not have sharp corners or angles that can chip. With an oval engagement ring, you can have uncompromised style without breaking your budget.

5. Pave Band And Halo Setting

Wrapping up our list of the most popular engagement rings are pave bands and halo settings. Pave bands and halo settings add a wonderful sparkle to engagement rings that every bride will love:

  • Pave bands consist of small diamonds that are closely set together on the band with minimal prong visibility.
  • Halos are a collection of small diamonds that frame the engagement ring’s center stone. This creates the appearance of a larger center stone, perfect for enhancing the appearance of smaller diamonds. Double halo designs are also popular, where two rows of diamonds encircle the center diamond. With pave bands and halo settings, you can add the perfect amount of glamor to an engagement ring.

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