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Sell Jared Jewelry

How Much Is My Jared Jewelry Worth?

There are several other factors that determine the value of your jewelry item. These include:

  1. Diamonds and Gems: The presence of any diamonds or gems adds significant value to your item.
  2. Condition: The better the condition of the diamonds or gems, the greater the item’s value. Any chips or abrasions on diamonds or gems will decrease the item’s worth.
  3. The Four C’s: The quality of any diamonds on your jewelry will greatly affect your item’s value. The Four C’s—color, clarity, cut, and carat weight—are the greatest determinants of a diamond’s worth. If you do not have access to this information, a local jeweler will often be able to give you a free verbal appraisal of your Jared jewelry.
  4. Market Conditions: Is your jewelry item in high demand? If so, your item’s value will increase. Certain styles and cuts are more valuable in the current market than others.

As you begin the selling process, it’s important to keep in mind some information about today’s diamond and jewelry industry. Big jewelry retailers, such as Jared, often have large operational and marketing costs and must mark up their diamonds significantly in order turn a profit.

Because of these steep mark-ups, market value offers for your jewelry item may be quite different from the price you paid at retail. Typically, you can expect to receive 20%-25% of the retail price of your item. Understanding the reality of the diamond market is crucial to ensure that you are satisfied with the selling process.

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What Information To Include

There are a few pieces of information that are important to include so that our experts can properly assess your jewelry. Be sure to have:

  • Copy of Receipt
  • Style Name
  • Photo of Item

Appointments Available

You can also schedule an appointment in New York City to meet with one of our experts. We have secure and modern offices with state of the art viewing rooms on 5th Avenue NYC, where we can value your jewelry and make you an instant offer.

About Jared Jewelry

With over 275 stores in 41 states, Jared thrives as one of the largest specialty jewelry retailers in the country. Jared offers high-quality jewelry at a wide range of price points for its large customer base.

Operating under the Signet Jewelers umbrella, Jared serves a large, growing customer base. The company offers a wide variety of jewelry, diamonds, and watches to suit various budgets and style preferences.