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Sell Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Watches

Is My Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Real?

Due to the popularity of this timepiece, many have tried to recreate this watch. With its complex design and movements. it is always best to have a watch expert authenticate your piece in person. Luckily, at myGemma we have a team of watch professionals on staff to authenticate and price your piece.

How Much Can I Get For My Jaeger Duometre?

Second-hand prices for Jaeger Duometre remain incredibly strong. To determine the value of your watch, the age, condition, servicing, original box, papers, model and more will be considered.

Where to Sell Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Watches?

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History Of The Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Watch

Released in 2007, the Jaeger Duometre instantly became a hit due to the unique nature of the design and the two power sources. Due to the incredible complexity of the design and movements, the prices for this watch have always been high. Even without vintage models, collectors have been fawning over the Duometre for nearly a decade.

Distinguishing Features

Nearly every aspect of this impressive timepiece can be considered a notable feature. However, most people view the dual power sources, one for the chronograph and one for normal timekeeping functions, as the most unique feature on the Duometre. In actuality, this feature is one of the most unique throughout the luxury watch world.

Style: Unique innovation, stunningly luxurious, impeccable styling

Jaeger Lecoultre Duometre Models

  • Jaeger Dueometre Complications
  • Jaeger Dueometre High Complications

Jaeger Lecoultre Collections

While the Jaeger Duometre was released to great fanfare, the watch is relatively new. Jaeger is a luxury watchmaker that has been around for some time now. As such, they have many popular collections. Some of the company’s most famous models include the Reverso, Master, Hybris Mechanica, and Rendez-Vous.

Vintage Jaeger Duometre

Released in 2007, the Jaeger Duometre does not come close to having a vintage model. None of these watches pre-date 1980. With that being said, many have found resale values for Jaeger Duometre watches to remain strong. This seems to be due to the unique dual power sources and distinguished styling.