How To Sell Chanel Camelia Jewellery

Madame Coco Chanel adored the camellia flower so greatly that she incorporated it into her creations throughout her life. Today’s Camelia Collection celebrates Chanel’s love of the camellia by dedicating an entire a series of fine jewellery to this flower, which speaks to the essence of Chanel. The bold camellia flower is comprised of abundant petals which translate as elegant and modern in their jewellery form.

How To Sell Chanel Camelia Jewellery

Today, we’ll be exploring the origins of Chanel Camelia, how to sell your Camelia jewellery and determining just how much you can expect to get paid.


Today, we will cover the following:


History Of Chanel Camelia Collection

The camellia flower is one of the core inspirations for Chanel and has been incorporated into their bags, accessories, watches, makeup and now, fine jewellery. The flower has been represented in an array of materials such as tweed, silk, leather, as well as precious gemstones, all encompassing the essence of Madame Coco Chanel.

The camellia flower represents passion, devotion, longevity and the union between two lovers. The Chanel Camelia collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, all with Chanel’s signature black and white palette. The jewellery may feature a single camellia or a bouquet of camellias. The collection spans pieces that consist of a single bold flower whose petals are adorned with layers of diamonds, to pieces that are fashioned as the delicate outline of a camellia with a playful use of negative space.


Where To Sell My Chanel Camelia Jewellery?

If you are a first-time fine jewellery seller, you may be wondering where to sell your Camilla collection. With the seemingly endless array of buyers online and in-person, determining where to sell your jewellery can feel daunting. After all you want to feel entirely comfortable when selling your jewellery and ensure that you are getting the best possible price.

To save yourself the time and stress from meeting with various buyers, you best option is to work with the experts. At myGemma, we are second-hand luxury jewellery specialists with a team of dedicated designer jewellery buyers. Selling with myGemma is a completely free and fast process, best of all you can get paid in as little as 48 hours after completing our online form. There are never any hidden fees deducted from your offer, so the final amount you hear is exactly how much you will be paid. With our 100% trust guarantee and hundreds of excellent reviews, you can feel confident working with us.


How To Sell Chanel Camelia Jewellery

To start selling your Camelia jewellery, complete our simple online form to get your price quote. If you like your price quote and want to get a firm cash offer, we provide two convenient selling methods:

1. Schedule an appointment:We host appoints in Birmingham every Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. We also hold monthly appointments in London. Appointments are a great option for those who wish to conduct the selling process in person. You can expect your appointment to last 30 minutes, during this time you’ll meet with one of our jewellery experts who will assess and provide a final offer for your Chanel jewellery. There is never any obligation to sell and appointments are always free. To schedule your appointment today, click the button below.

2. Sell online:For those who want to complete the selling process around their own schedule, selling online is a a fast, safe and free option. After you receive your price quote we can provide you with a Special Royal Mail Delivery Pack which means that your jewellery will be secure, trackable and fully insured. We’ll notify you of your jewellery’s safe arrival at our UK office where it will be opened on camera. One of our jewellery experts will examine and price your jewellery. We will then contact you with our final offer and thoroughly explain how we came to that price. We never employ any high-pressure sales tactics, and if you choose not to accept the offer, we simply return it free of charge. It is as simple as that. Click the button below to sell your Chanel Camelia jewellery online.


What Is My Chanel Camelia Jewellery Worth?

Multiple factors affect the value of your Camelia jewellery. As the Camelia series comes at various price points and are composed of different materials, these will all affect your resale price. To ensure that you get an accurate price quote, gather the following about your Camelia jewellery.

  • Materials: Does your Camelia jewellery consist of 18K white, rose, yellow gold, diamonds, pearls, onyx or white agate?
  • Box and Papers: Having the Chanel box and papers that came with your purchase of your Camilla jewellery is a great asset in the selling process. You can reference the paperwork to know exactly what materials are in your jewellery as well as carat weight of any diamonds. If your box and papers are in good condition, you can also receive a higher offer, as collectors are prepared to pay premium prices for them. However, you can always sell your jewellery at myGemma without box and papers.
  • Pictures: By sending pictures with your inquiry to potential buyers, they will have an idea of your jewellery’s condition.

Now that you know where and how to sell your Camelia jewellery, click the button below to sell your jewellery today. You can also call 0121-288-8280 to speak with our experts.