The History Of Prada

As one of the biggest and most beloved names in fashion, you might wonder where Prada’s story began. The history of Prada starts in Milan, where it has continued to spread its legacy to this day.

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When it comes to Italian luxury fashion, Prada always comes to mind. Synonymous with innovation and ambiguity, it has long been considered as one of the most exciting brands in the fashion industry. The history of Prada begins over a century ago, with a small leather goods family business.

The History Of Prada

Mario Prada founded his eponymous brand in 1913, with the help of his brother. Based out of Milan, the brand started its journey as a leather goods company, selling predominantly handbags, travel accessories and steamer trunks.

Six years after the opening of Prada’s first store at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the company gained the prestigious title of Official Supplier of the Italian Royal House. The honor allowed Prada to showcase the House of Savoy coat of arms with the knotted ropes in its logo.

This helped to increase the brand’s popularity among the upper-middle class of Italy, as well as the aristocracy. While the brand was locally renowned, it was certainly unknown on a global scale until the 1970s, when Miuccia Prada took the helm.

Bringing a modern take on Italian luxury fashion, Miuccia Prada’s addition of the nylon backpack with the recognizable silver-tone triangle logo brought the brand firmly into the spotlight. The company continues to champion the history of Prada's immaculate design and attention to detail, yet through contemporary means.

About Prada Today

While tradition and classic style were once central to the history of Prada, experimentation is now at the heart of Prada’s DNA. From using unconventional fabrics to unexpected patterns, Prada is viewed as one of the most innovative names in fashion. The brand merges minimalist, clean-cut silhouettes with bold color and prints, which gives the designs a timeless and unique look that transcends the expiration date of passing trends.

Miuccia Prada is currently co-CEO of Prada and works on design creation with Raf Simons. Miuccia Prada has expressed her disinterest in collaborations and how it is something Prada has seldom partaken in. One of the few examples of Prada collaborations is an ongoing collection with adidas.

What Are The 5 Best Prada Accessories?

  1. Nylon bags
  2. Cleo bags
  3. Saffiano leather accessories
  4. Wheel sneakers
  5. America’s Cup accessories
Prada Wheel sneakers

1. Nylon bags

Miuccia Prada first became infatuated with nylon, and until this day, she still is. The fabric represented a modern shift for the brand, moving away from traditional fabrics and design expectations.

The material is often trimmed or paneled with leather for a style juxtaposition. Nylon is still a core component of Prada’s collections, from accessories to ready-to-wear. The fabric is still accompanied by the triangle logo for a distinctive aesthetic.

In 2019, Prada introduced Re-Nylon, which is made of regenerated nylon known as ECONYL®. This serves as a more environmentally conscious take on the fabric.

2. Cleo bags

The Cleo bag premiered in 2021 and instantly became one of the brand’s most understated ‘it’ bags. Imbued with the minimalist air that Prada does so well, the Cleo has a softly curved shape and it is punctuated with a logo plaque on the front. The design showcases Prada’s expert craftsmanship and the refined quality of the brand’s Italian leather.

3. Saffiano leather accessories

Prada’s beginnings were focused on leather craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that leather is still one of the brand’s fortes. Saffiano leather is traced back to Mario Prada, making it a signature material. What makes Saffiano stand apart is the slightly rough texture, which ensures durability and makes it much more scratch resistant than softer leathers. It is made from full grain calf leather.

4. Wheel sneakers

Embellished with the triangle logo on the side, the Wheel sneakers from Prada sit atop a thick rubber sole. The sole has a distinctive tire effect, which inspired the style’s name. Prada has successfully managed to combine the worlds of luxury fashion and sportswear, with sneakers as a fine example.

5. America's Cup sneakers

While sportswear and sports-inspired footwear are heavily featured in today’s fashion sphere, that was not always the case. Prada saw the trend coming well ahead of its time. Sneakers have been embedded within the history for Prada since the introduction of the America’s Cup sneakers in 1997. The pair were released as part of the House’s Linea Rossa edit and were originally simply called Prada’s sneaker.

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