Guide To: Chanel Flap Bag Sizes

One of the most coveted designer handbags is the Chanel Classic Flap. It is available in an array of variations, which means there are many factors to consider. One is sizing, so this guide will help you decide between the different Chanel Flap bag sizes.

chanel flap bag sizes

The Chanel Classic Flap is one of the most coveted bags in the world, up there with the Hermès Birkin. It’s safe to say as far as iconic luxury handbags go, few rival the Chanel Classic Flap. 

There are three main parts to consider when buying a Chanel Flap: the size, the color, and the material. In this guide, we will talk about each Chanel Flap size and what you can fit inside each one. Bear in mind that while there are alternative shapes that have been released over the years, we will focus on the classic rectangular shape.

If you haven’t been to a Chanel store to compare the sizes, let this be your guide to the different Chanel Flap bag sizes. This will help you to make an informed decision, especially if you are planning on making the purchase online.

What Is The Chanel Classic Flap?

History: The Chanel Classic flap is one of the most coveted Chanel bags. First introduced in the February of 1955, originally called the Chanel 2.55, it was considered the first woman's shoulder bag. Redesigned and rebranded in 1983 under the helm of Karl Lager, the Chanel Classic Flap as we know it was born.

What it looks like: The Classic Flap has the iconic CC turnlock on the front and has diamond quilting. The bag comes in different sizes and shapes, most commonly in a rectangular shape. 

One of the defining features if the leather and chain strap, which is a Chanel signature detail.

Variations: There are 2 versions of the Chanel Classic Flap, the double flap and single flap. It is most commonly sold in caviar leather, lambskin, or patent leather. However, it has also been produced in other fabrics such as tweed.

Chanel Flap Bag Sizes

The Chanel Flap bag size range includes: Mini, Small, Medium, Jumbo, and Maxi. These are the main different Classic Flap bag sizes and what each one can hold:

1. Mini

Chanel Classic Flap Mini

Measurements: 20 x 12 x 6cm

Naturally, Mini is the smallest size out of all of the Chanel Classic Flap bags. However, the mini size name is slightly misleading as you can actually fit a surprising amount into this bag.

The compact bag is perfect for evenings, fitting your phone, keys, a cardholder, and lipstick. 

2. Small

Chanel Classic Flap Small

Measurements: 23 x 14.5 x 6.5cm

The small size is the right choice if you want a bag to meet your needs for evening as well as daytime use. This is perhaps the most versatile size if you don’t like to carry too much with you.

This bag can hold a few more items than the mini size, such as a wallet and a few more loose items.

3. Medium

Chanel Classic Flap Medium

Measurements: 25 x 16 x 7cm

The medium size is the most popular size out of all of the Chanel Classic flaps. Not too big, not too small, it’s the most everyday size out of all of them.

In a Medium, you can fit your keys, a phone, a wallet, sunglasses, and even a small pouch such as a makeup bag.

4. Jumbo

Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo

Measurements: 32 x 20 x 10cm

The Jumbo Classic Flap bag is perfect if you like to carry more items out with you on the regular. If you don’t overstuff your bag, you can even fit a compact umbrella in the Jumbo. The second biggest size, this is a great size for work days or busy days you need to have more items on you.

This size can fit all of the essentials plus a small book and a 10-inch tablet, such an iPad.

5. Maxi

Chanel Classic Flap Maxi

Measurements: 34 x 24 x 12cm

The biggest out of all of the Chanel Classic Flap bags is the Maxi. While all the Flap bags can be worn crossbody, the Maxi is large so it does look better worn as a shoulder bag. 

With this size, you can even swap the tablet for a 12-inch laptop.

How Do I Know Which Chanel Flap Bag Size To Choose?

If you are looking for a Chanel Classic Flap bag in the rectangular shape, there are currently five options available. However, it is also a good idea to consider vintage styles which have historically come in different sizes, too. So, always make sure to take into consideration the measurements before making a purchase. 

The Chanel Medium Classic Flap is the most popular, but consider your needs. If you are looking for more an evening bag, perhaps one of the smaller sizes is more suitable.

Or, alternatively you might want to use it for work purposes. In which case, the Chanel Maxi Classic Flap could be the right one for you. Especially if you need to carry around a laptop.

Either way, Chanel handbags are an investment piece so make sure to keep yours in excellent condition by not overstuffing it.

Why Is The Chanel Classic Flap So Popular?

The Chanel Classic Flap is not actually the original Chanel flap bag. The 2.55 was its predecessor and is the first of Chanel’s flap bags. The Boy bag is considered as a modernized take on the 2.55 and Classic Flap.

The 2.55 Flap was released in February of 1955, hence the name of the bag. The Classic Flap actually didn’t come out until the 1980s, when Karl Lagerfeld was at the helm of the house. The primary difference between both bags is that the Classic Flap features the CC logo on the closure, whereas the 2.55 has a simple lock design.

It might surprise you to know that Coco Chanel had already passed by the time the Chanel Classic Flap was released. Especially as the bag is so strongly associated with the Chanel image.

The reason the Chanel Flap bag is so popular is because it is truly timeless, chic and versatile. 

Is The Chanel Flap Worth It?

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that the Chanel Flap price will continue to rise. The price of the bag saw an exponential increase in 2023, with an average increase for the Classic Flap at 16%.

This is why if you are looking to buy a Chanel, the time to buy is always sooner rather than later. As you never know when the next price increase will come.

The positive side of this, is that if you think you might one day sell your bag, it will either retain its value or work out to be an investment and sell for more than it was bought for.

Where To Buy Chanel Classic Flap Bags

Now that you know that Chanel Flap bags are worth investing in, you might be wondering where to get one.

While you can always buy directly from the brand, it can be a lengthy process to find the bag you are looking for. This is because the style you are after might not be in stock and it may not be in stock for months.

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How Can I Sell A Chanel Flap Online?

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