What's the Average Engagement Ring Cost In The US?

The average engagement ring cost in the U.S. is nowhere near the two months’ salary recommended by big box jewelers and ambitious diamond merchants. In fact, according to a poll commissioned by The New York Times, two weeks’ salary comes closer to the mark. Read on to discover who spends what, how the average engagement ring cost is determined, and how any couple can make their money go further.

Average Engagement Ring Cost In The US

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What Is The Average Engagement Ring Cost In The US?

It depends who you ask. An “average” ring costs at least $5,000 but under $8,000.

On the low end: according to a survey of 18,000 newly married couples done by, the average engagement ring costs $5,000.

On the upper end: a survey of 800 couples done by Brides magazine pegged the cost at $7,829, up from $5,023 the previous year (and $6,351 the year before that).

On average: a survey by put the national average cost of an engagement ring at $5,900.

But it also depends on where the groom-to-be lives. The cost can vary over $2,000 from one end of the country to the other. In the Mid-Atlantic states, for example, the cost of the average engagement ring runs highest: $7,500. Followed by New England at $6,900, the Southwest at $5,600, the West at $5,500, the Southeast at $5,400 and the Midwest at $5,300.

Within those regions, prices vary still more. Yet another survey (published on Business Insider), ranked engagement ring cost by state and found that men in South Dakota are the most budget-minded ($3,005), followed by Maine ($3,184). While the biggest spenders came from California ($9,482), and Washington ($10,109).

Men in Washington spend the most on engagement rings

What Determines The Price Of An Engagement Ring?

The main cost of any engagement ring is the center stone and, in the U.S, that typically means a diamond. To understand how and why diamonds are priced the way they are, you should begin by understanding the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Here, the most reliable source about any diamond is a certification by the GIA. The Gemological Institute of America, is the most trusted diamond grading system in the industry.

What Are The 4 Cs?

Cut refers to the shape of the diamond: cushion, round, emerald, pear, etc. But it also refers to choices that a skilled stone-cutter made to enhance the diamond’s best qualities and minimize its imperfections.

The GIA uses seven criteria to evaluate a diamond’s cut. The most important three being brightness, fire, and scintillation. On that basis, the GIA then grades the cut on a scale that ranges from excellent to poor. However, don’t be misled by a “good” classification as diamonds categorized as “fair” or “good” can actually be in the bottom third of quality.

Color is actually considered a negative quality. Unless the stone is a “fancy” diamond with a strong color like canary, blue, green, or pink. Ideally, a diamond will be completely colorless but keep in mind that there’s no such thing as an A+ stone.

In fact, a D is the highest grade a diamond can get with the GIA grading system. From there, the GIA system goes all the way down the alphabet to Z. Z is a designation saved for muddy-looking stones. For engagement rings, you’ll find that most center stones will have a grade of K or higher.

average engagement ring cost

Clarity grade refers to any imperfections in your stone. Particularly if those flaws are apparent to the naked eye. Here, GIA grades range from “flawless” to “included.”

Ideally, a diamond should be crystal clear. However you’ll find beautiful engagement rings with GIA grades like “VVS1”, which translates to a “very, very slightly included stone”. This grade means that even a trained eye will have trouble finding the stone’s flaws under the 10x magnification of a jeweler’s loupe.

Carat Weight seems easy to understand. But, like so much else about pricing diamonds, it can be tricky for the nonprofessional. For example, a stone with a higher carat weight won’t necessarily cost more. A big stone that doesn’t rank high for cut, color, and clarity may cost much less than a flawless one-carat diamond.

Where Can I Buy An Engagement Ring For The Best Price?

Until recently, options for a well-priced engagement options were limited to consignment shops and auctions. Then, a few years ago, some brave souls began buying lab-grown diamonds, despite their fluctuating value and energy cost. However, if you want the most ecologically and economically sound choice, you now have the option of buying a pre-owned diamond ring.

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How Can I Afford An Engagement Ring?

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