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David Yurman: History of the Brand

Though only a few decades old, David Yurman’s innovative designs and vibrant creations have captivated jewelry lovers.

David Yurman: History of the Brand



Though only a few decades old, David Yurman’s innovative designs and vibrant creations have captivated jewelry lovers. Today we are going to discuss the origins of this eclectic brand, their beloved Cable motif, tips on spotting fakes and show you where you can buy authentic David Yurman jewelry at unbeatable prices.

History of David Yurman

As a teenager, David Yurman was immersed in the art scene, even selling his own sculptures at his high school. In 1958, at the age of 15, Yurman studied welding under sculptor Ernesto Gonzalez. During this time, Yurman learned how to create 3-dimensional forms with molten metal rods, a technique described as “drawing in space.” Yurman later worked for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp in 1969. While under Bovenkamp’s tutelage, Yurman had a fateful encounter with a painter named Sybil, the two felt an instant connection and married ten years later.

David Yurman’s first jewelry creation came at the request of Sybil who wanted a piece of art she could wear to an art gallery. Yurman crafted a bronze necklace made up of intertwining warped figurines named Dante. The gallery’s owner was captivated by the necklace and wished to reproduce the design. The Yurmans then understood that with their artistic and sculptural backgrounds, they could create exceptional pieces of jewelry.

The David Yurman brand launched in 1980, with David and Sybil Yurman committing themselves to crafting jewelry that also functioned as works of art. David Yurman soon became known for its unconventional use of materials, for example in 1997 they were the first major jewelry designer to set diamonds in sterling silver jewelry. Yurman continues to use both traditional and exotic materials in his jewelry such as black titanium, forged carbon and meteorite.

Today, David Yurman remains a family owned company. David is involved in the entire creation process, from the sketches to the finished piece. When designing new pieces, he always asks himself if these are pieces that Sybil would wear. Sybil is the chief brand officer and their son, Evan, is the head of men’s jewelry and watches.

David Yurman’s Cable Motif

David Yurman’s hallmark is the Cable motif. Designed in 1983 for the Cable Bracelet, this cable design, also referred to as a helix, consists of smooth metal rods that gently twist around each other. The Cable motif adds movement and depth to the jewelry they adorn. Since its inception, the cable has been at the heart of Yurman’s designs, be it as a carving, accent, clasp or setting as seen in rings, pedants, bracelets and earrings across various collections. David and Sybil Yurman received inspiration for the cable design from the intertwining forms seen in nature as well as those in ancient and modern architecture. According to Yurman, the cable motif symbolizes strength and harmony.

Most Popular David Yurman Collections

  • Albion
  • Cable Classics
  • Chain
  • Chatelaine
  • DY Crossover
  • Solari
  • Starburst
  • Stax
  • X

How to Spot Fake David Yurman Jewelry

Like most popular luxury jewelry brands, there is counterfeit David Yurman jewelry on the market that can dupe even the most astute of jewelry lovers.

Here are our tips for spotting fake David Yurman jewelry:

  • Inauthentic David Yurman jewelry will have sharp edges and messy soldering.
  • Counterfeits will often have fake gemstones made with glass or plastic.
  • Fake pieces will feel lighter than real David Yurman jewelry because they are made with cheap materials.
  • All authentic David Yurman jewelry will have clean and legible stamping of the brand’s logo as well as a numerical identifier of the metal used.
  • Depending on the year the jewelry was made, its branding stamp may read as D YURMAN, D. YURMAN, YURMAN, D.Y. or DY. 
  • The metal stamping will feature 925, STER or STERLING for sterling silver, 14k or 585 for 14k gold, 18k or 750 for 18k gold, ALUMINUM for aluminum or TI for Titanium. If the piece has a mix of metals, then there will be two numeric stamps with their respective numbers.
  • Finally, counterfeit David Yurman jewelry will be sold at suspiciously low prices.


How to Buy Real David Yurman jewelry

To ensure that you always buy genuine David Yurman jewelry, your best option is to only shop at reputable businesses. At myGemma, we carry a wide selection of pre-owned designer jewelry brands including David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari and many more. Our team of industry experts authenticate every piece, so you can shop with confidence. Our commitment to excellence is backed by our A+ rating from the BBB and fantastic customer reviews.

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