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Looking to sell Chopard watches or jewelry? As leading designer watch and jewelry buyers, our process can take as little as 24 hours, from price quote to payment.

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How To Sell Chopard Watches & Jewelry Online

  1. When looking to sell Chopard watches the first step is to click on the button below to get your price quote
  2. Our experts will be in touch with a price quote
  3. Schedule an in person appointment or sell online, via our free, fully insured shipping
  4. Get a final price and get paid

It’s important that you make adequate notes to describe the condition of your item including whether you have the box and papers and the condition of those during the form filling process. To get an estimate we need to see photos your watch, please take 4 photos from different angles including the box and papers. You can attach the photos in the inquiry form or send them to

How To Get The Best Price For A Chopard Watch Or Jewelry?

Chopard watches retain good resale values, but wearing your watch can cause some slight wear and tear. Read more about how to prevent any damage that could affect your resale value.

1. Have The Documentation

Keep your Chopard watch documentation and box. If they are in good or excellent condition it will entice future owners of your watch to pay higher prices.

2. Keep Your Watch In A Box When Not Wearing It

A sensible suggestion is to keep your watch in a watch box when not wearing it to prevent your item becoming scratched or damaged. Damage to your watch will have a considerable impact on re-sale value.

3. Service Your Watch

It is important to service your watch regularly, remember to include all the links and service receipts if you are still in possession of them.Contact Our Chopard Watch BuyersOur experts buy Chopard watches from the Americas, Asia and Europe

myGemma have collected over 150 years of experience in the watch and jewelry industries. We understand the market for Chopard watches and will gladly share our insight and experience. Our process is unique and ensures that you get the best price when you sell Chopard watches.

How Much Is My Chopard Watch Worth?

Many clients at myGemma ask ‘How much is my Chopard worth?’. This is a complicated question as each collection will have its own value but the basic ingredients that determine the price when you sell Chopard watches are below.

  1. The model are you selling
  2. The original retail price
  3. Condition of the watch
  4. Are all the parts genuine
  5. Are you including the original box, papers, links, strap
  6. Service history (it is advantageous to have a documented service history

Chopard came to prominence primarily through the quality of product it produced and therefore its placed in the upper end of the market in relation to pricing. The Millie Miglia and Happy Sport watches are the most popular brands and command the best resale potential.

About Chopard

Since 1860 when Louis-Ulysse Chopard opened his workshop the precision and reliability of their watches has attracted a loyal following. Chopard’s collections are diverse and offer all kinds of watch buyers and sellers an array of options. The iconic Happy Diamonds collection is modern and adventurous whilst the Classic Racing provides a progressive sporty feel. The L.U.C collection features movements made by Chopard. Our leading watch expert Tom Pozgay describes the brand as being ‘Classic with an edge or classic with a sense of fun, depending on the collection’.

Chopard Collections We Purchase

Looking to sell Chopard watches? myGemma purchases both men’s and women’s Chopard watches of all kinds. Here we list the Chopard watch collections that we routinely buy:

  • Imperiale
  • Happy Sport
  • Happy Diamonds
  • Classic Racing
  • Classics
  • L.U.C
  • La Strada
  • Millie Miglia