Check Diamond Grading Reports And Certificates

myGemma allows you to check diamond grading reports for any diamond that has a report or certificate. Enter the details online for the laboratory in question. Simply enter the report number and the carat weight of the stone. Check GIA, IGI, AGS, HRD and EGL diamond grading reports and certificates online. Please note that GIA grading reports from 2001 only are listed online and can be found using this page.

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Check Diamond Grading Reports And Certificates Online

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Why Diamond Grading Reports and Certificates Are Important

Diamond Grading Reports and certificates are issued by laboratories and contain pertinent information as to the characteristics of the stone. While different laboratories vary in terms of reliability of grading, this is a strong starting point when it comes to determining exactly what you have. These allow myGemma to provide you with a more accurate initial price range as we have an understanding as to the reliability of the source of information.

Diamond Grading Laboratories

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most respected laboratory in the industry and is the foremost authority in gemology. We hold the GIA's grading in high esteem; our own gemologists are in fact GIA trained and providing us with your GIA report ensures a quick and accurate estimate for your diamond. A report from the GIA is seen as very reliable throughout the industry and gives you the advantage of receiving a very accurate estimate for your diamond. There can be substantial differences between GIA grading reports and those of other laboratories and local jewelers. AGS (the American Gem Society) is another trusted and well-respected laboratory in the industry.

In comparison, we consider EGL’s (European Gemological Laboratory) and IGI's (International Gemological Institute) certificates to be reasonably reliable, however their grading standards do tend to be lenient in comparison to the GIA grading standard. Because their grading can vary by one to two color and/or clarity grades, the initial estimate range may be reasonably wide.

Other Types of Diamond Paperwork

A jeweler's or an insurance appraisal is a document that gives a value to your diamond for insurance purposes. We have found that the grading on these appraisals is an approximation of the characteristics of the stone. They often vary by several color and/or clarity grades, which can have a significant impact on resale value. See our study on Jewelry Appraisals.