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Jewelry to Wear to Weddings

You know the date, the venue, who your plus one is... but have you considered what jewelry to wear?

Jewelry to Wear to Weddings


You have been invited to attend a wedding. You know the date, the venue, who your plus one is, what you are wearing – but have you considered what jewelry to wear?

When thinking about jewelry for weddings, we tend to focus on brides-to-be and brides’ jewelry. Yet, for all the many guests attending a wedding, there are ample jewelry opportunities too. With so much focus on what is worn to weddings, why not consider the final touches?

When attending a wedding there are usually a few rules in terms of style. For example, it is a given that you should never try to outshine the bride and groom as it is their big day, their time to really shine and feel the center of attention. In the same vein, you do not want to be overdressed or inappropriately dressed when it is someone else’s day. Many weddings will have a dress code of sort, whereas for others it is implied through the invitation and the type of wedding it will be. If attending a more bohemian, free-spirited sort of event, the jewelry you will choose to wear will not likely be the same as if you were to attend a more formal, traditional wedding.

Top Tips For Choosing Jewelry To Wear To A Wedding:

  • Never try to outshine the bride
  • Go safe – it is better to under accessorize at weddings rather than over accessorize
  • Wear appropriate jewelry for the type of wedding that it is
  • Choose your jewelry based on your outfit
  • If buying new jewelry, choose pieces that you will wear again
  • Only wear jewelry that you feel comfortable in
  • When buying jewelry, make sure to purchase from a reputable company

    Jewelry To Wear To Weddings

    Jewelry For A Classic Wedding:

    For a classic, traditional wedding, assuming the bride will be wearing a white gown and somewhat understated jewelry, it is best to go for simple, elegant, understated pieces. For example, wearing diamonds around the wrist, on a necklace and in your ears may be considered a little excessive. There is nothing to say you cannot wear diamonds to a traditional wedding but it may be best to keep it in moderation, such as with a simple diamond bracelet, however, a gold bracelet may be more appropriate. On the other hand you might want to opt for a pair of hoop earrings or a designer brooch, which you can also wear in your day-to-day life.

    Jewelry For A Bohemian Wedding:

    If you are going to a bohemian wedding, the theme is definitely not going to be flashy. Going for something with color and a bit of pattern or a nature motif is a great choice for this kind of event. Bohemian style weddings are more likely to take place in less conventional settings, such as an outdoor space and so you will be taking this into consideration with your ensemble and your jewelry choices. If the wedding is happening in a field you definitely will not be wanting to be wear jewelry that could easily get lost. Layered jewelry such as designer bangles make a great choice for a free-spirited type of wedding, especially if you are wearing a floaty, ethereal dress.

    Jewelry For A Low-key Wedding:

    Many people opt to go for a low-key wedding with limited numbers of guests. For this kind of wedding it may not be the time to go for something too vibrant or bold – going for one classic piece is perfect, especially if you are pairing it with a simple outfit such as a tonal jumpsuit. A great option for this kind of wedding is a gemstone necklace or bold earrings to elevate, yet not overwhelm, your look. Understated does not have to mean boring either, going for a classic piece such as a David Yurman cable bracelet is perfect as there will be plenty opportunity to wear the piece over and over again.

    Jewelry For An Alternative Wedding:

    An alternative wedding can be anything from a wedding in a field to a wedding on the beach to a wedding at an amusement park. If the dress code suggests you adhere to a certain theme, it is always polite and considerate to do so, however an alternative wedding is more likely to allow you be fairly free with your attire choices. If you decide to go for statement jewelry, have a think about how it will complement your outfit. Bold or layered necklaces make a great choice for low necklines and chunky earrings work well with up-dos.

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