Top 5 Alternative Engagement Rings

Although many brides-to-be will want a traditional diamond engagement ring, many are seeking out something a bit different and individual.

Alternative Engagement Ring



The first record of a diamond engagement ring dates back to 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned a diamond ring for Mary of Burgundy. However, the tradition of engagement rings is believed to date back to the Roman Empire era. During this time, Roman women would wear a ring with keys attached which symbolized their husbands’ ownership. Yet, Archduke Maximillian of Austria’s use of a diamond ring to proclaim his marriage-to-be began the tradition of diamond engagement rings within European nobility, which later become a conventional tradition among the masses.

Towards the 1930s, engagement rings - especially diamond rings - were beginning to go out of style, largely due to the Great Depression. As a result, De Beers took it upon themselves to educate the public about diamonds through marketing campaigns. These campaigns promoted the concept that engagement rings are essential and that they must contain a diamond because: “a diamond is forever”. This symbolic slogan went on to make diamond engagement rings popular once more – a trend that has yet to fade.

Why Buy An Alternative Engagement Ring?

Although many brides-to-be will want a traditional one stone diamond engagement ring, many are seeking out something a bit different, more tailored to their individual tastes. In this day and age there is no right or wrong type of engagement ring and with such a large pool of styles, there is no reason not to get the ring of your dreams – whether it be flamboyant and bold or simple and understated. As most people will wear their engagement ring on a daily basis, it needs to be the right ring for you and looking outside of the one stone design might be what you or your loved one is after.

What Are The Most Popular Alternative Engagement Rings?


A pavé engagement band comprises of small stones set close together onto the band of the ring. The ring is thereby ‘paved’ with stones. A pavé ring may or may not contain a large centre stone, depending on the style. These rings are great for low-key brides-to-be who prefer simple designs, and they are great for stacking with other rings.


Asymmetric rings are distinguished by a non-symmetric appearance, in other words it does not have design that is mirrored on both sides. Asymmetric rings make a great option for more art-inspired styles and a stand-out piece of jewelry.


In recent history, diamond rings have been the norm for engagement rings. However, there has been a surge in different types of gemstones for engagement rings such as colored stones. Not everyone is in the market for a diamond-centered engagement ring, in which case engagement rings with other gemstones make a great option.


Colored diamonds make a welcome change to the traditional diamond and clear stones. Colored diamond engagement rings can be a subtle option as they are not always vibrant and they offer an alternative to clear diamonds without necessarily being on the other end of the price scale. Engagement rings with colored diamonds often feature smaller clear stones on either sides.


Rings with multiple stones make a great option for bold brides-to-be with a distinctive style. A multiple stone engagement ring will often have a larger centre stone and smaller stones on either side and may feature different colored and shaped stones as well. Another popular style of multiple stone rings is when they are constructed in an asymmetric style.

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