About: The Burberry Check Print

If one brand has the monopoly on check, it’s Burberry. The Burberry check is commonly used throughout the brand’s collections, whether on lining or on the exterior. In a deep dive on the history of the pattern, we look into why the Burberry check is so popular. So, how did the Burberry check become synonymous with the brand?

Burberry check tote bag

Burberry isn’t Burberry without the brand’s signature check, and all the other checks that are part of its design arsenal. The Burberry check is world famous for good reason and it is intrinsic to the brand’s image and British fashion. Test your knowledge on one of Britain's best-loved brands and how the Burberry check pattern came to be so popular.

The History Of Burberry

Burberry is considered as a heritage brand. A heritage brand is one that draws on its history to cement its current-day image. The brand looks back to its past to inspire its future, using and reinventing archival designs and patterns for a cohesive aesthetic.

Burberry is a classic British brand, which was born out of Basingstoke in England in 1856. Thomas Burberry founded his eponymous brand when he was only 21 years old. Thomas’s intention was to create clothing that would protect the British people from the windy and rainy weather the country faces. It is therefore no surprise that outerwear and cosy accessories are still associated with Burberry to this day.

One of the key inventions that Thomas Burberry introduced to the world was gabardine fabric. Known for being durable and weatherproof, the material marked a revolutionary change in the apparel industry. In 1888, gabardine was patented. Today, it is still the preferred fabric for trench coats and car coats.

Burberry’s trench coat was the first of its kind, with the 1912 Tielocken as its predecessor. It was during the First World War that Burberry invented the trench coat. The British military sported the coats, thanks to their durable and practical construction. The trench coat, similarly to today, included epaulettes, D-ring detailing, a gun flap, and a storm shield. The coat is still considered an outerwear staple and the original details created for combat are still integral to the trench coat’s look today.

At the helm of the British fashion brand have been a number of notable creative forces. Christopher Bailey helped to push the brand back to the forefront throughout the early 2000s and 2010s. After Bailey left, Riccardo Tisci joined in 2018. Daniel Lee was appointed as Burberry's latest Chief Creative Officer in 2022.

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About The Burberry Check

The History Of The Burberry Check

The Burberry check has lined the brand’s trench coats since the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that it became a more visible feature. A buyer from Burberry’s Paris store was the first to start using the pattern on the brand’s accessories.

In a flash of inspiration, Jacqueline Dillemman cut out the check-print lining and used it as an umbrella cover and to wrap her luggage. It was from this point on that the check print became a key part of Burberry's DNA. It was in 1967 that Burberry created its famous check-print scarf, without a doubt a brand staple.

Burberry's modern collections incorporate the check print as an internal and external feature. While the Burberry check print lines the coats and jackets, it also features as a pattern on many of the clothing pieces, bags, and sneakers too. The accessories, in particular, are detailed with the check pattern for a recognizable look.

What Are The Different Types Of Burberry Check?

  1. House Check
  2. Nova Check
  3. Haymarket Check
  4. Vintage Check

The Burberry check is reimagined in a number of iterations. The classic colorway is called ‘Archive Beige’, which combines a medium beige hue with black and red stripe detailing to create the check pattern. The most commonly used check prints from Burberry are the House Check, Nova Check, Haymarket Check, and Vintage Check, however, it boasts new styles regularly. The classic beige check is the most recognized version of the print.

Burberry House Check - the brand’s classic check pattern.
Burberry Nova Check - a diagonal check pattern.
Burberry Haymarket Check - this check print incorporates the Burberry equestrian knight motif.
Burberry Vintage Check - an archival check with a more compact check than the House check.

Christopher Bailey created the Rainbow Check print in 2018 in order to show his support to the LGBTQI+ community. The check print features throughout different collections, oftentimes with the colorway reimagined.

What Are The 3 Best Burberry Accessories?

  1. Burberry Lola Bag Collection
  2. Burberry Pocket Bag Collection
  3. Burberry TB Bag Collection
Burberry tote bag

1. Burberry Lola Bag Collection

Burberry’s Lola quilted bag collection includes different silhouettes, such as the bucket bag and shoulder bag. The edit pays homage to Burberry’s check pattern by offering new takes on the print. Lola bags usually have a stitched check pattern throughout the exterior for a hint of the house’s signature look.

The Lola bag is one of the brand's most expansive collections, and therefore it exists in a number of colorways and patterns. The collection also includes wallets and cardholders.

Retail price range: $1,050 - $3,990
Resale price range: $495 - $1,290

2. Burberry Pocket Bag Collection

With Burberry’s Pocket bag, the proof is indeed in the name. Riccardo Tisci designed the Pocket bag. The bag has pocket detailing on the front and is topped with a cut-out handle. The practical style offers usability and has a timeless look in equal measure.

Retail price range: $1,350 - $2,190
Resale price range: $1,150 - $1,390

3. Burberry TB Bag Collection

Riccardo Tisci created the TB logo alongside Peter Saville in 2018. The logo adorns the front of the TB logo bag in the form of a plaque embellishment. TB stands for Thomas Burberry, honoring the brand’s founder. Some TB logo bags are decorated with an all-over TB monogram pattern.

Retail price range: $1,250 - $3,250
Resale price range: $560 - $1,100

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