Top Tiffany Jewelry: Our 5 Favorites

One of the most iconic jewelr brands in the world, Tiffany creates timless pieces. Check out our list of the top Tiffany jewelry ranked.

Top Tiffany Jewelry

Undeniably one of the most iconic jewelry brands in the world, Tiffany & Co. has led the luxury jewelry industry with their timeless designs and usage of the highest quality materials.

Since their inception in 1837, Tiffany’s elegant jewelry has captivated the world, but what has been the five top Tiffany pieces of jewelry?

Keep reading as we take a close look at the 5 top pieces of jewelry that have defined Tiffany & Co. and shaped generations of jewelry lovers.

Top Tiffany Jewelry Ranked:

  1. Tiffany T Bracelet
  2. Tiffany Diamond Key Pendant
  3. Tiffany Paper Flower Necklace
  4. Tiffany HardWear Bracelet
  5. Elsa Peretti Diamonds By The Yard Necklace

Tiffany & Co. T Bracelet

1. Tiffany T Bracelet

Tiffany’s sleek T bracelets are the creation of Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co.’s first-ever female design director. Amfitheatrof is credited with setting Tiffany & Co. in a fresh direction while still retaining the brand’s quintessential essence.

She was inspired by the bubbling strength and creativity of New York City as well as the sheer lightness of Tiffany’s bracelets from the 1940s. Each bracelet wraps around the wrist with a sleek 'T' shape at either end, some of which have brilliant round diamonds adorning the 'T'.

Tiffany T bracelets play homage to Tiffany’s name while channeling the strength and energy of New York City. These bracelets are heavily influenced by the bold architecture of New York City.

Amfitheatrof stated, 'I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and its relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world'. It’s no wonder that the sleek and minimalist Tiffany T bracelets rank among the 5 top Tiffany pieces of jewelry.

Tiffany & Co. Key Pendant

2. Tiffany Diamond Key Pendant

An absolute Tiffany & Co. must-have is the Tiffany’s & Co.’s Diamond Key pendant. These delightful pendants have a stunning array of designs ranging from sleek and minimal sterling silver to diamond-encrusted and elaborate.

Upon its release in 2009, this collection quickly gained success, especially when featured on the hit show Gossip Girl.

The Diamond Key pendants are inspired by keys in the Tiffany & Co. archives that date as far back as the 1880s. During this time, Tiffany used to create keys for items such as their trunks, diaries and glove boxes.

Over time, the keys returned to Tiffany’s possession and were stored in their archives. Now the brand has given these vintage keys a modern-day flair. The most popular motif for the head of the keys is the fleur de lis; a symbol of royalty, with other heads featuring designs such as trefoils, hearts and flowers.

It has long been a custom to gift people with key pendants for their 21st birthday. This tradition is rooted in history as people were given the right to be the 'key-holder' of their homes once they were deemed old enough.

Today, the key still stands as a symbol of the key to access the important doors in life, such as opening up the wearer to a realm of independence, infinite possibilities, and bright futures.

Tiffany & Co. Paper Flower necklace

3. Tiffany Paper Flower Necklaces

At the core of the Paper Flower series is the image of deconstructed flower petals cut from paper and pinned back together. The petals in the pendants are unique, allowing for an organic style. The pendant’s petals range from minimalist platinum, diamond-encrusted and accented with colored stones for pops of color.

The Paper Flower collection was designed by Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co.’s chief artistic officer who has also intruded Tiffany’s playful Everyday Objects home-décor line and the Blue Box Cafe in Tiffany’s flagship store.

Krakoff emphasizes that luxury does not always need to equate formality. Krakoff states: 'The fact that you can actually live with these pieces is inherent in the Paper Flowers collection and, on a larger scale, fundamental to Tiffany’s DNA'.

Tiffany & Co. HardWear bracelet

4. Tiffany HardWear Bracelet

Another timeless Tiffany & Co. piece is the HardWear bracelet. Tiffany’s HardWear line is another iconic collection from designer Francesca Amfitheatrof.

While Amfitheatrof’s T bracelets are composed of clean lines, the HardWear collection is based on rounded edges and chunky chain links. This daring collection was inspired by a unisex bracelet from the 1971 Tiffany & Co. archives known as the Ball and Chain.

This bracelet was comprised of a metal ball and lock attached to a thick link chain that wrapped around the wrist.

Amfitheatrof was also influenced by from the power and energy of New York City women. She explains that Tiffany’s HardWear: 'embodies the strength and spirit of the modern woman, imbued with the soul of New York'.

The celebrated HardWear bracelet consists of think chains with bobbles. The industrial-inspired HardWear bracelet perfectly balances the sharpness of the sleek T bracelets.

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti necklace

5. Elsa Peretti Diamonds By The Yard Necklace

A list of the 5 top Tiffany pieces of jewelry would be incomplete without Elsa Peretti. Peretti is a visionary jewelry designer who shaped the jewelry industry with over 30 iconic Tiffany collections. She reinvented the diamond necklace with her Diamonds by the Yard designs.

For her necklaces, Peretti selected diamonds of superior quality rather than large, lesser quality stones. Set in a simple bezel setting, this allows diamonds of any size to shine against the skin.

With this construction, Peretti explains that when 'diamonds are mounted like this the light is different. They look like drops of light, like a stream'. Furthermore, the diamonds are placed symmetrically around the necklace, thereby emphasizing the beauty of the entire necklace rather than just a single section.

Elsa Peretti’s Diamonds by The Yard necklaces perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Tiffany & Co. with timeless and minimalist pieces of superior quality.

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