Where To Sell An Engagement Ring In The UK

    Looking to sell your engagement ring in the UK? Whether you have decided to sell your ring because your marriage has ended, you have fallen out of love with it or need funds quickly, there are plenty of engagement ring buyers in the UK. You might be asking yourself, “where is the best place to sell my engagement ring?” and “how can I get the best value for my ring?” Keep reading to learn where to sell your engagement ring safely and quickly in the UK for the best price.

    Sell An Engagement Ring In The UK


    Where To Sell Your Engagement Ring In The UK?

    There are many places where you can sell your engagement ring in the UK, each with their benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular diamond buyers include:


    PROS: A convenient, local and fast option for selling your engagement ring for cash.

    CONS: Pawnbrokers are not gemmologists or diamond experts. This means that cannot accurately assess the value of your engagement ring, so they tend to make cautious offers meaning that you undersell.

    2. EBAY

    PROS: A convenient, user-friendly platform where you can set your own price and buyer from the comfort of your home.

    CONS: Without industry knowledge of the second-hand diamond market, it can be difficult to accurately price your engagement ring. But more importantly you have no guarantee when your ring will sell, if it does sell at all. Be careful of scammers and not to disclose any personal information online. If you do meet the buyer in-person, ensure that you meet in a public place during the day with a friend or family member.


    PROS: Offers a large number of jewellery buyers to select from. These buyers can assess the value of your engagement ring and some buyers pay in cash.

    CONS: A high-pressure environment where many sellers feel that they are at a disadvantage due to some unscrupulous dealers. Not a strong option unless you are a trained gemmologist with a deep understanding of diamond prices.


    PROS: myGemma is the faster and safer way to sell your engagement ring in the UK. An international specialist diamond buyer with a team of GIA trained gemmologists who can quickly and accurately evaluate your engagement ring. We offer 3 convenient and hassle free selling options for selling your engagement ring in the UK: sell online, in London or in Birmingham.

    Our process is and secure with no hidden fees. Thanks to the size of our business, our global connections and knowledge of the second-hand engagement ring market, we can provide you with an honest and competitive offer for your engagement ring. Simply fill out our online form to get your price quote. You can feel confident selling with myGemma because of our 100% trust guarantee and hundreds of positive customer reviews.

    CONS: Locations for in-person appointments are limited to London, Birmingham, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. You also have the option of mailing in your engagement ring through our free and fully insured shipping.


    How To Sell My Engagement Ring In Birmingham?

    myGemma UK headquarters are conveniently located in Birmingham, in the jewellery quarter in the heart of the city. We offer in-person appointments Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Please contact us to schedule your appointment. When you sell your engagement ring in our secure Birmingham office, we are able to provide you with thorough evaluation and a competitive price quote on the spot. Our experts will explain the characteristics of your engagement ring and how your ring was priced. If you accept our offer you will be paid by bank transfer. There are no costs and no obligation to sell.

    Our Birmingham address: Studio 212/213B, The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6NF, United Kingdom

    Email to schedule your appointment.

    How To Sell My Engagement Ring In London?

    myGemma’s also holds appointments on a monthly basis in London. Speak with one of our representatives to learn when our next London day is and to schedule your appointment. The Mayfair London office is perfect for London locals and appointments typically last about 30 minutes. When you meet with our expert team in-person you can quickly receive a valuation of your engagement ring as well as a thorough explanation of how that reflects in your offer. After accepting your offer you will receive payment by bank transfer.

    Email to schedule your appointment in London to sell an engagement ring or other diamond jewellery. By appointment only.

    How To Sell My Engagement Ring Online?

    You can also sell your engagement ring online, from anywhere in the UK or Europe. After filling out our online form and receiving our initial offer, you will be issued a Royal Mail Special Delivery pack. You will receive full instructions on how to safely package and mail your ring. With a Royal Mail Special Delivery pack, your engagement ring will be insured and opened on camera upon arrival to our Birmingham office.

    We will notify you when your ring arrives to our office where our GIA certified team will expertly examine your ring and provide you with your final offer. You then will be paid by bank transfer. If you do not accept the offer we will mail your engagement ring back to you fully insured and for free through Royal Mail. The entire process can take as little as 48 hours.


    Sell Your Engagement Ring To myGemma:

    1. Complete our simple online form.
    2. Get your initial price quote.
    3. Schedule an appointment at our Birmingham or London office OR mail your engagement ring to us with our free and fully insured shipping service.
    4. Receive an expert valuation and final price.
    5. Accept your offer and receive payment in as little as 24 hours through bank transfer OR have your engagement ring mailed back to you free and fully insured.

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