The 5 Best Beach Bags Of 2022

    Summer is in full swing and trips to the coast are on everyone’s mind. This edit of the top 5 best beach bags will ensure you’re beach ready in perfect style.

    Chanel Deauville bag


    It's official, you’ve booked your flights and accommodation. It’s in the diary and you’re starting to dream of time away from your desk and lazing in the sunshine. Before heading away there is always the less exciting task of packing. If you’ve sorted your packing list and are missing the ultimate summer accessory, a beach bag, this guide will give you inspiration for the best beach bags.

    What Should I Look For In A Beach Bag?

    There are three main criteria to take into consideration when choosing the perfect beach bag. The first is size, then design, and then versatility.


    Unless you live right by the beach, a trip to the sea demands organization. A sizable tote bag is preferable, so you can bring all the essentials, such as: sunscreen, a towel, a hat, a bottle of water, and a book. Essentially, often times when it comes to the best beach bags: the bigger the better.


    While a larger bag is suggested, a lighter construction is best. The last thing you want is to be dragging around a heavy bag on a hot day. You also won’t want a particularly heavily embellished bag, as sand is likely to get caught up in it. Another style you might want to avoid is full leather, as it will get particularly hot on a warm day, which isn’t ideal if you are carrying any snacks or drinks.

    Of all fabrics, raffia, straw, and woven bags are usually best. If you do happen to get a bit of sand in your bag, a more open construction makes this less of an issue as it will simply find its way out.


    Depending on your trip, you might want a bag that is solely used for the beach, or you might want something more versatile. Some of the best beach bags can also be used in the city or for strolling around a village. Bags with a little more structure are perfect for the city or sitting upright on the sand, whereas an open-knit tote bag can also be good for taking around town if you bring along a pouch for organization.

    What Are The 5 Best Beach Bags?

    1. LOEWE raffia bag
    2. Prada raffia bag
    3. Chanel Deauville bag
    4. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche bag
    5. Chloé Woody bag

    pre-owned designer beach bags1. LOEWE raffia bag

    Founded in Spain in 1846, LOEWE is one of the oldest names in luxury fashion. The brand is renowned for its impeccable leather craftsmanship but its beach bags have also proven to be particularly popular. LOEWE’s raffia tote bags come in a mix of sizes and with different colorways. 

    Featuring the brand’s signature embossed anagram on a leather patch, the woven raffia bag showcases LOEWE’s artisanal quality. The roomy interior and open top make it the perfect choice for beach days.

    2. Prada raffia bag

    Prada has long been renowned for its penchant for structure and geometric lines. However, the raffia tote bag has a more summery, easy air. The deconstructed style has an open-knit construction and is decorated with logo lettering on the front for a recognizable look. It is perfect for the beach and day trips.

    3. Chanel Deauville bag

    Given its name after a resort in Normandy, the Chanel Deauville bag was made for summer. First introduced in 2012, the bag has been produced in a number of different iterations. The bag is made from durable canvas and features the Chanel flagship store’s address on the front as well as the CC motif.

    4. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote bag

    A minimalist option, the Rive Gauche tote bag from Saint Laurent has a boxy silhouette and simple lettering on the front. Opening up to a large main compartment, this bag has press-stud fastenings to keep your small items secure. The style is typically made from canvas but has also been made from raffia.

    5. Chloé Woody bag

    As part of Chloé’s Woody collection, the tote bag matches the logo-heavy aesthetic of all the edit’s pieces. The canvas tote bag has an open top and logo-embellished straps that continue down the body of the bag for a striking look.pre-owned beach bags

    Where Can I Buy Designer Beach Bags?

    Summer vacations can be expensive, so you might want to save on the cost of your summer accessories. The best way to get the ultimate beach bag for your buck is to opt for a pre-owned design.

    myGemma stocks a variety of big designer brands, from Chloé to Gucci and more. Our edit is regularly updated so you’re guaranteed to find the right style for you and your needs. Not only is shopping pre-owned great for your wallet, but it is also the most sustainable way to shop as it gives previously loved items a new lease of life and allows you to buy better quality for your budget.

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