How To Spot A Fake Cartier LOVE Bracelet

    With the iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet’s high demand, many counterfeits are sold around the world. Here is how to differentiate a fake Cartier Love bracelet from the real deal. 

    Cartier Love bracelets


    One of the best-known Cartier designs for good reason, the LOVE bracelet is an icon in its own right. With so many fake LOVE bracelets in circulation, when it comes to identifying an authentic LOVE bracelet the clue is really in the details.

    A Brief History Of Cartier

    It all starts with the founder, Louis-François Cartier who took over his mentor’s jewelry workshop in 1847. Once a humble brand, Cartier’s name began to circulate among the French aristocracy and the well-to-do of Paris.

    Having created a name for itself, Cartier became a name associated with luxury and good taste. Louis-François Cartier’s grandson Louis is responsible for catapulting the brand into the limelight. Louis Cartier is viewed to be one of the house’s most successful creatives and was behind some of Cartier’s best-loved designs.

    What Is A Cartier LOVE Bracelet?

    History Of The Cartier LOVE Bracelet

    Aldo Cipullo designed the LOVE bracelet in 1969 to signify the love and commitment between two people. The design requires a screwdriver to physically screw the bracelet on, symbolizing everlasting love.

    The design was originally submitted to Tiffany and Co. who turned the idea down, and shortly after Cartier decided to adopt it. The design is a house staple and has never been devalued

    The LOVE collection now includes a variety of jewelry styles from chain bracelets to necklaces. 

    Cartier Love bracelets for sale

    What Does The Cartier LOVE Bracelet Look Like?

    The oval shape allows the bracelet to sit tightly around your wrist, symbolizing the commitment to those you hold near to you. The classic LOVE bracelet comes in different metals and widths, and some are embellished with diamonds.

    The LOVE bracelet is known for being one of the best stacking bracelets.

    How To Spot A Fake Cartier LOVE Bracelet

    1. Serial Number

    Cartier began including a serial number on the LOVE bracelet after 1974. The serial number is found on the inside of the bracelet.

    The current serial number comes in three combinations: five digits followed by one letter, two letters followed by four digits, and three letters followed by three digits.

    If the serial number does not match one of these combinations, then the bracelet is a counterfeit. Often, counterfeit goods have serial numbers that do not match the product. Some common counterfeit serial numbers to look out for begin with the letters CRD or IP. 

    2. Engraved Logo

    Another way of differentiating a real LOVE bracelet from a fake is by paying attention to the details. An authentic Cartier LOVE bracelet will have 'Cartier' engraved by the serial number. Note if the signature looks sharp and neat, if not, it could be a fake.

    3. Screw VS Clasp 

    All the Classic Cartier LOVE bracelets are secured with a screwdriver. The elegant design screws together to create the look of a 'permanent' bracelet.

    Many counterfeits lack the authentic screw system and are equipped with a clasp. Cartier recently redesigned the newer bracelets, so that when the bracelet is unscrewed the bracelet still holds together.

    Regardless of the old or new screw system, every single Classic LOVE bracelet should be worn with tightened screws.

    Cartier love bracelet engraving

    4. Bracelet Size And Material Hallmark 

    Another factor to look at when spotting a counterfeit bracelet is the material. Cartier lists the material the bracelet is composed of on the inner section.

    Next to the iconic Cartier logo engraving, there should be a 750 or a 950. These numbers indicate the purity of the material. The 750 indicates that the material is made of 75% 24K gold. The 950 indicates that the material is 95% platinum.

    Along with the material, sizing must be considered. The Cartier LOVE bracelet sizing directly correlates with the diameter of the wrist in centimeters. The bracelet is currently available from the size 15 centimeters to 21 centimeters. The size of the bracelet can be found engraved on the inside.

    The inside should have the logo engraved, the material purity, the size, the serial number, and the French makers' mark. 

    5. Weight And Thickness 

    An authentic Cartier LOVE bracelet should weigh approximately 30-38 grams depending on the material. Counterfeit bracelets are often lighter than that.

    The bracelet dimensions can vary by the size ordered but the Classic LOVE bracelet should be 6.1 mm. Many fake bracelets are thinner or thicker. Additionally, many counterfeit bracelets have rounded edges as opposed to the authentic flat edges.

    6. Details 

    The engravings on the authentic Cartier bracelets are always specific and cleanly engraved. Many counterfeit bracelets include misspellings or blurry engraving with rough edges.

    Additionally, the engravings can be visibly too shallow or too deep into the bracelet. Another giveaway of inauthenticity is if the quoted price is out of the typical price range.

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