How To Build A Cartier LOVE Bracelet Stack

    Sometimes more really is more. Such is the case with the Cartier LOVE bracelet, that’s why one isn’t always enough. If you’re into the Cartier LOVE bracelet stack aesthetic, this is your guide on how to achieve the best look.

    diamond Cartier love bracelet


    Cartier LOVE bracelets have been in production for decades, and they certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. A style that is beloved by many, it is no surprise that you are wondering how to create the perfect Cartier LOVE bracelet stack.

    What Is The Cartier LOVE Bracelet?

    If you know your jewelry, you will know about the Cartier LOVE bracelet. Although, you may only know it by name and by design. The LOVE bracelet is one of the most recognizable and loved jewelry designs to ever be created. In fact, it is one of the most commonly googled jewelry pieces.

    The History Of The Cartier LOVE Bracelet

    Aldo Cipullo is the mastermind behind the design. In 1969, Cipullo created the LOVE bracelet in New York City. The playful piece is recognized as a fashion catalyst. Prior to its release, jewelry was almost always viewed as a symbol of wealth and status within society. Cipullo’s LOVE bracelet was introduced as a result of a new school of thought, one that celebrated freedom of style and a move towards casual luxury. The popularity of the bracelet created waves within the fashion industry, and laid-back luxury has been central to the fashion landscape ever since. 

    The Cartier LOVE Bracelet Design

    The bracelet has a distinctive look thanks to the engraved screw motifs along the facade, which were inspired by the mechanical hardware in Cipullo's studio. The Cartier LOVE bracelet has an oval silhouette, allowing it to fit closely to the wearer’s wrists. It is a unisex style, originally designed to be worn by couples as a symbol of eternal love.

    What Is Special About The Cartier LOVE Bracelet?

    Cartier LOVE bracelets were originally sold as a pair and were designed to be worn by couples. When the bracelet was launched, it was famously gifted to celebrity couples, notably Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. One of the most interesting things about the LOVE bracelet is that it is screwed on and can only be taken off with the specific Cartier screwdriver.

    Fun fact: It is said that many airports and hospitals now keep a Cartier screw just in case one needs to be removed.

    How To Build A Cartier LOVE Bracelet Stack

    Wondering how to achieve the best Cartier LOVE bracelet stack? You’ve come to the right place. With such a wide selection of LOVE bracelets, you can mix and match to make your ideal Cartier LOVE bracelet stack. There are no rules when it comes to styling, these are just some ideas if you don't know where to start.


    how to Cartier love bracelet stack

    1. Mix Metals

    The Cartier LOVE bracelet comes in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. By mixing and matching, you get the best of all worlds. When you buy different colors, you can wear them all together for an eclectic aesthetic, or on more minimalist days just stick to one bangle. 

    2. Alternate Widths

    Available in different widths, combine different versions for your Cartier LOVE bracelet stack. There is also a chain version of the LOVE bracelet, however, it might get lost among the sturdy bangles. You might want to wear several of the classic LOVE bracelets with one or two thinner designs to break up the stack and add some diversity.

    3. Mix Classic & Embellished

    The Cartier LOVE bracelet exists in different forms. Wear a classic version with an embellished style, such as a pavé-lined bracelet, for the perfect stack. If a pavé style is out of your style realm, there is also a more understated diamond-encrusted bracelet.

    4. Incorporate Other Bracelets

    The Cartier LOVE bracelet also looks great paired with other bracelets, especially from the same brand. Consider combining the LOVE bracelet with the Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet, for a faultless look.

    What Are The Best Cartier LOVE Bracelets?

    1. Cartier LOVE Bracelet 18k White Gold
    2. Cartier LOVE Diamond Bracelet 18K Yellow Gold
    3. Cartier LOVE Bracelet 18k Rose Gold
    cartier love bracelet stack

    The combination above guarantees the perfect stack. Combining all three metals, the different styles go together perfectly. One of them is the skinny version, one is a classic, while the last one has diamond detailing for a pop of sparkle.

    Is The Cartier LOVE Bracelet Worth It?

    Yes. A classic piece of jewelry, it is a truly symbolic design to gift yourself or to a loved one. The minimalist look makes it perfect for everyday wear or creating a bold aesthetic with a Cartier LOVE bracelet stack. One of the most recognizable and iconic jewelry designs, they are made to last a lifetime.

    The Cartier LOVE bracelet is representative of love and eternity, making it a heartfelt and special addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Considering their everlasting popularity, they are highly unlikely to go out of style anytime soon (if ever).

    Consider going down the pre-owned route for the same product and quality. You’ll get a much better price for the same design, and it’s far more sustainable to shop pre-owned.

    Where To Buy A Cartier LOVE Bracelet For The Best Price?

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    How To Sell A Cartier LOVE Bracelet

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