How To Shop Resale Luxury Goods

In today’s climate, sustainability in fashion is becoming an important factor when considering where shoppers choose to invest their dollars. One way to sustainably purchase luxury products is to shop resale, which lessens the demand for new production. We have teamed up with celebrity stylist Jordan Gross to share tips on what to look for and how to shop resale luxury accessories.

How To Shop Resale Luxury Goods Online

How To Shop Resale Luxury Goods?

  1. Buy from reputable sellers
  2. Invest in accessories
  3. Get diamond certificates
  4. Focus on the classics

how to shop resale luxury goods

1. Buy From Reputable Sellers

While a thrift store, resale store or consignment shop are viable options, you also have the option to shop resale online.

“First and foremost, make sure that the reseller is reputable. A high quality reseller will only sell items that have excellent workmanship and the correct hallmarks (of which there are so many!). The most reputable resellers authenticate their pieces through in-house experts and sometimes by the brands themselves.

At myGemma, we try to either get the original paperwork (including the receipt) from the original owner of the piece or try to have the brand itself authenticate the item, as a secondary step to our own authentication,” says Andrew Brown, celebrated diamond expert and CEO of myGemma, luxury resale platform.

2. Invest In Accessories

“I always feel that accessories are the best timeless investments, says Gross. “Classic handbags, watches, jewelry, etc., are wardrobe staples that I know will always get a lot of use. As someone who would always prefer to buy one luxury item rather than multiple cheaper items, I always look for timeless luxury pieces that I know will get a lot of use.

Whether it's a luxury watch, diamonds, or a classic designer handbag, I know when you get a piece that has great quality as well as design, it is something that will be worn on countless occasions. A great accessory can really change the entire aesthetic of a look.”

luxury resale goods

3. Get Diamond Certificates

“When buying a diamond jewelry over 0.25 cts (and certainly of 0.50cts+), get a GIA grading report (known as a certificate) from the reseller to ensure that the diamond is as described. Some other labs and a lot of appraisers are more ‘conservative’ in their grading,” says Brown.

4. Focus On The Classics

'I like to focus on the high-end classic designers. Chanel, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dior are my favorite brands to shop resale. I find these brands to be timeless, and I really love their archive collections. Designers emerge every single day in this industry, but when shopping resale, I like to focus on these designers that have been around for a long time and will always be high in value,” says Gross.

“Invest in high-quality classic pieces that will never go out of style like a Classic Flap Bag from Chanel, a Kelly or Birkin bag from Hermès, or a Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder bag,” advises Ashley Stanton, the Head of Handbags at myGemma.

luxury accessories

Luxury Accessory Trends To Invest In Now

Chunky Chains: “I’ve been loving chunky chains recently and am looking to add these to my accessories wardrobe in the coming months; they can be paired with anything from a t-shirt and denim to a cocktail look. I am always looking for great vintage chunky chain bracelets and belts (I especially love Chanel’s selection),” says Gross.

Pearls: “Pearls are also big right now and can really add to a look,” shares Gross. I have been experimenting with pearls a lot lately with my clients and definitely think they are a great investment right now.”

Oversized Bags: “Another big fall trend is oversized handbags. I love the idea of pairing a simple monochromatic look with a big statement bag, like the Bottega chain cassette bag, which comes in really great colors and can make any simple look stylish,” says Gross.

“Big bags are back in a big way-with all the extra things you need to carry now (masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) it’s nice to just be able to throw everything in a big catchall. I’m loving Givenchy and Saint Laurent totes or larger Louis Vuitton Speedy bags,” adds Stanton.

Vintage: “There’s something special about vintage; it’s like carrying on someone else’s story or legacy. And nothing is better than having a rare and unique piece. I love the way Bottega Veneta leather ages, and Chanel crossbody or bucket bags are always cool,” shares Stanton.

how to shop luxury resale

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